A Menorcan Sojourn — Day Two

The first day of a villa holiday is always dominated by a food shop, isn’t it?   Or in our case two.     I never leave home without tea and milk but it’s hard to bring anything more than that isn’t it?   And I do love a foreign supermarket!

Mr B and I did a quick Google of nearby supermarkets over a cup of tea and found there were several within a fifteen minute drive, all of them opening at 8.30am or 9am which considering it was a Sunday surprised us both.     We plumped for Binipreu in nearby Alaior and managed to get everything on our list but a beach towel for Jonnie who had forgotten to bring one.   I was really impressed that a supermarket that looked so small on the outside, and in a tiny village could have such a huge selection.  Including PG Tips!

Returnng with a missing towel gave us the perfect excuse to head to Lidl in the afternoon.   Who doesn’t love a Lidl and seeing what they have in their middle aisle?!   All went well until I managed to try and get in a car belonging to complete strangers after our shop.  I don’t think I have been so embarrassed in  a very long time.

We also realised we need to spend more time reading labels rather than flinging things in the trolley.   Fried egg crisps, for example are not a taste sensation,  and nor is iced tea with lemon which we bought thinking it was lemonade.  Fine on its own, not so good with Lidl gin.

Supplies in, the evening was dominated by football (Mr B preferring to wander back down to the Flamingo bar to watch Spain crash out of the World Cup amongst Spaniards) and  the Austrian Grand Prix.   It was lovely to be able to relax in a villa that gave us enough space to all be able to do our own thing in comfort.   At half time we could have a dip in the pool and during the duller bits of the TV I was able to rustle up a mean spaghetti bolognese which we ate on the balcony as the sun set.

Sadly our wi-fi fell over at some point during the day just as Jonnie needed to do some work ahead of Monday morning so he and I went in search of a bar that would allow us to nab theirs for an hour or two.   Hello Backgammon Bar with not only wifi but an amazing menu of ice creams that we were able to take home for Mr B and Ellie, and only a few minutes away too (this resort really does have everything).  Thankfully it was only a temporary blip so by the time we got home we saw we had Facebook messages from a friend to say she is over on the island this week too.

What are the chances?!!

Plans hatched to meet for breakfast tomorrow we headed to bed still scratching our heads at it being such a small world.



Thank you to James Villas who have allowed us to be their guests this week.  All thoughts and opinions in our coverage from Menorca are our own

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