A morning at Exbury Gardens

With us now able to meet up with friends outside my friend Annie suggested getting together for a morning at Exbury Gardens. Pre-booking is still required so numbers are closely monitored and with it being all outside we knew we would have plenty of space away from other people to catch up, take photos and have a morning’s walk. Exbury is situated in the New Forest and so on the way there you will come across lots of New Forest Ponies, seemingly roaming wild. They aren’t of course, they are all owned by commoners, but they certainly roam free and it is important to give them space, and stick to the 40mph speed limit as they think nothing of standing in the middle of the road as you come around a bend.

I have written about Exbury Gardens before so if you have any questions about what is there or what to see, do take a look by clicking here

It is six months since we were there and obviously the scenery has changed so having taken some pictures I thought I would share a few of them. I think it is clear to see I am a lover of pink flowers!

If you are thinking of going to Exbury Gardens then do check their website for opening information and how to book in advance. In short though, yes you need to book in advance (April 2021), there are toilets open, a vegan cafe, and another cafe that also serves sandwiches, hot pasties, drinks and cakes. You are also welcome to take your own picnics.

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