A review of the Catipilla Cat Scratcher (AD)

A review of the Catipilla Cat Scratcher


AD — This post contains an item sent for review

If you know anything about our elderly cat, Bob, it’s that she rules the roost here at Barrow Towers.  As an example, we can no longer eat at our kitchen table as it is where she eats her food, and it is where she sits to keep an eye on the dog.  One of our sofas is now designated as “the cat’s” and if you dare to sit on it she will sit on the coffee table and stare you down until you move (backside covered in white cat hair).   We are, therefore, now reduced to eating our meals off trays on our laps in the lounge and scrunching 8 family members on to five seats on the two other sofas.

Bob is 16 and as the old saying goes, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, and it would also appear to be true for cats too.

We were recently asked if we would like to review the Catipilla wall mounted cat scratching post and as it arrived within an hour of us ordering  our new sofas we jumped at the chance.  Bob has never really taken too much of a shine to our sofas before but we were keen to make sure we had something to distract her before they arrived, just to be sure.

The post comes with two brackets to make it simple to attach to the wall and comes in a variety of sizes from 35mm (designed for kittens) to 130mm. Once attached to the wall you can then buy replacement posts (which are slightly cheaper than the original ones)  once your cat has made the most of the first cylinder.  You can even buy replacement brackets should you misplace them before even attaching it to the wall as somebody here might have done.  Ahem.    Once your cat has used a particular portion of the scratcher you simply rotate it in the housing, to expose a bit they haven’t touched meaning it lasts much longer than alternative brands.

The posts range from £26 to £70, or £20 to £50 for the replacements.  I love that they are predominantly cream coloured and the brackets attach in such a way as you dont really see them so it will blend in with your decor.  Also being made from South American Sisal rope they are going to last, and withstand the most ferocious of cats!

Catipilla also say it:

provides your cat with the necessary tool to tone muscles, alleviate stress and keep those claws in pristine condition

We are very mindful of symptoms of stress in both Bob, and our dog Cheeky.  Cheeky actually has a condition that requires medication to ensure his cortisol (the stress hormone) dont rise to dangerous levels, so keep an eye on Bob for any signs of stress too.   It was clear when we recently had the house in disarray for a week with decorating that she really wasn’t comfortable with all that was going on so offering her something that might help alleviate that was important to us.    And obviously with the arrival of new sofas it is also important that we do all we can to keep those claws away from them as much as possible!

The Catipilla scratching post definitely appears to be doing all of those things for Bob, which means we can relax too.  Phew!


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