[AD] Top tips for decorating your house for a spring birthday

We have now celebrated every member of our family’s birthday in lockdown or with restrictions in place meaning we couldn’t celebrate in a way we would have liked. Some of us will even have had two birthdays in lockdown since full restrictions in England won’t be lifted until May 17th (at the earliest). Which means that this year for our birthday week in May I want to push the boat out and make up for all those birthdays last year where we couldn’t celebrate in person and have one big party.

I am talking banners, balloons, posters, invitations sent out in the post…. you name it… I am doing it this year and celebrating all those birthdays on what I am calling “Birthday Bonanza Day” on May 23rd. Oh and you better believe there will copious amounts of cake as well.

These then are my top tips for decorating your house for a spring birthday.

Start early

If you are sending out invites (and do bear in mind that things might change at the last minute so plans may have to be curtailed) then plan ahead. You need plenty of time to make the invites, send them out, and for your recipients to respond. It is also likely this year that people are going to be busy at the weekends because they are making up for lost time, so if you really really want them there, tell them now!

Set a budget

It is really easy to get carried away when decorating your house. Have a budget and stick to it or before you know it you will have blown hundreds of Pounds and spent more on decorations than you will on the presents!

Make as much as you can

Yes, it is easy to nip online and buy a load of decorations but it is much nicer to show off what you have made, and who doesnt love something with their name on it? You might call your mum, mom for instance and there is generally very little with Mom printed on it in the UK. Typing Mom svg on the Design Bundles website shows lots of amazing things you could make to make your mum feel really special. If you don’t necessarily want to personalise the decorations, but want to stick to a birthday theme, you can even do that with some gorgeous designs on the birthday svg page

Have a theme

Bear in mind if you are doing a party for multiple people that a theme will need to include them all. Go all in on the pink might make your Uncle Bob feel a bit left out! This year we are going for a theme centred around France as we should have been away there for a week, so if we can’t go to France, it is going to come to us. Think blue and white stripes, strings of onions, berets for all the guests, and my bike with a basket on the front leaning against the wall. Food will be centred around baguettes, meats and French cheese and dessert will be a huge croquembouche (and if you think I am making it, you are sorely mistaken! That bad boy will be ordered in for sure).

Have a cake

Or multiple cakes. You are never too old for cake and no birthday is ever completed in our house without a cake. Though I think this year I would be wary of candles and asking people to blow all over a cake, because, well when we have our Birthday Bonanza weekend we will only be five days out of lockdown and I want to still be careful, so asking people to blow on cakes is not something I want to encourage! I have decided to get 12 personalised cupcakes for each person, so that way we don’t even need to cut it either!

If you are celebrating post lockdown birthdays this spring, I hope you have an amazing time. Do let me know if you have any other tips!

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