Air Hogs Drone



This Air Hogs Drone is fab.

I was tempted to just write that (it would be accurate, after all) but T said I had to write a bit more than that.

It’s just so easy to use this Air Hogs drone. An idiot like me can fly it and you get great controls from the joystick but also on the free app ( iPhones 6/6S, 7/7S,  Samsung galaxy S6 and S7 are supported currently) which you can download and play with straight out of the box.

We’ve had toy drones before but none as sophisticated as this is. A couple of things that really set this one apart: first there is an auto launch button which gets over the initial “how do I get the damn thing in the air?” moment and second the on-board camera is really good for something of this price (you could find it here for £99 at Argos).

It’s inherently stable which was a bit of a surprise.   This means that the time taken to actually get the thing flying and look and feel as if you know what you’re doing is actually really, really short.

You *can* crash it but most the time it’s a lot easier to keep it flying. The flight time is around 10 minutes from a charge which is a lot if you’ve flying around in the lounge but it’s probably not right for anybody who is looking to do any serious work with it.

The Air Hogs drone is definitely a toy, just a good one.

Using the app or the joystick you can take videos or singleshot pictures from the on-board camera. You can even change the view that you see on your smart phone!

As J showed me, the Air Hogs drone even has a flip button. This means that the drone somersaults sideways while in flight which I think would be quite tricky to do without a dedicated function.

You do need to be careful of the rotors though.  They are enclosed so while in flight they are very unlikely to do any damage. If you’re holding the machine in your hand though, just make sure you keep your fingers out of the way of those whirling plastic blades.

Even though it’s easy enough for really young children to fly, I think I would still be wary of giving it to youngsters because the blades are a slight risk.

Any kid over the age of 10, I would think, would understand how to fly and how to be careful around it.

I loved it.

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