Bad driving habits to curb — AD

Many of us drive safely for much of the time but that doesn’t mean we aren’t guilty of the occasional bad driving habit. Some of these might be inconsequential but in the case of the bad habits below, it is clear that we can put ourselves in danger if we are guilty of them.

So, while we’re sure you’re a safe and sensible driver for 99% of the time, consider the following. Do any of them relate to you? 

Habit #1: Ignoring car warning signs

You might drive safely, but ask yourself this: Is your car safe to drive? No matter how careful you are when turning corners or following road signs, you could still be at risk if your car has any faults. Some of us get into the habit of ignoring warning signs for one very simple reason: We don’t want to bear the expense of a potential repair job. But here’s the thing. Problems will only get worse if we ignore the strange smells and sounds that indicate there are faults somewhere. If you’re relating to this, visit your local garage and pay for the necessary repairs. Alternatively, it might be time to trade your car in for a new one, so look at the new or used cars for sale in your area and purchase something that is safer to drive. 

Habit #2: Putting the foot down

You might drive to the speed limit most of the time, but what about when you’re trying to beat the red light at the traffic stop? Or what about when you’re in hurry to get home or to work? You might be tempted to put your foot down and exceed the speed limit, even if it’s only for a few seconds or minutes. The consequences of this are obvious. You could collide with another road user and you could get a speeding fine. These are scenarios that you don’t want to happen so despite your temptation to push your foot down, think twice before doing so.

Habit #3: Using a phone

You know that it’s wrong to use your phone while driving, but have you ever been tempted to look at a text message? Or have you ever picked up your phone to answer a call? You are putting yourself and others at risk if you do, so this is something you need to stop doing. Pull over if you need to check your phone, or purchase a hands-free kit if you need to take or make calls. Here are some other tips for distraction-free driving that relate to your phone and other situations where your eyes might be taken off the road. 

Habit #4: Driving too slowly

Speeding up on the road can be a hazardous thing to do but so can driving too slowly. Many people do this, sometimes because they aren’t aware of local speed limits and sometimes because they’re being overly cautious. Unfortunately, driving too slowly can create accidents, as the drivers behind you might underestimate the speed you are driving at, and they might get annoyed at you too. So, check road signs to find out the speed you should be hitting and be respectful of the drivers around you. 

Did you relate to any of those bad driving habits? If so, kick them into touch and follow the advice we gave you under each point. You will protect yourself and your passengers if you do, and you will also protect the other people who are sharing the roads with you.