Heard of Beauty Pie? Here’s how it works

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Beauty Pie, heard about it? Or have you seen the ads and been slightly confused and thought  “how does Beauty Pie work”?

Chances are that if you are on Instagram or Facebook then you will have seen an advert for Beauty Pie because their ads are everywhere but if you aren’t on there then Beauty Pie might have passed you by and that would be a shame.

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Well because it is a great way to get top quality beauty products without paying the usual extortionate prices.   How, I hear you ask?

How DOES Beauty Pie Work?

Beauty Pie is luxury beauty buyers club.   You sign up and pay a monthly, or annual fee and the amount you pay then gives you a certain level of spending power on the Beauty Pie site.   The more your monthly or annual fee the higher your spending limit on the site.

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So if you spend £5 a month this would allow you to spend up to £50 on products.   Now this is where I got confused before I signed up.  That £50 is the typical value of the products, it is not what you will actually spend, you will be spend much less than that. Think of it as the value of the product you can spend up to rather than the cash you actually hand over.


Like this:

With the £5 a month membership you wouldn’t be able to buy this product because the typical value of it is £100.  But you would be able to buy it if you had the £10 a month subscription.   What you would pay for the tub though would only be £12.04.   Plus delivery.

And at £10 a month that would be all you could buy that month, whereas if you had the £20 a month package you could buy two of them maybe, or one of these and some other products too.   All of them for the cost of the prices highlighted in pink.

How do we know the products are any good?

Because Beauty Pie are working with  THE leading manufacturers and labs around the world.   The same labs were high street name luxury brands are having their products made, the difference being that Beauty Pie aren’t paying for middle men or celebrity endorsements.   Or indeed a load of unnecessary fancy packaging.   The buying power they have as a huge buying club means that the discounts offered are typically around 80%.


So it’s just a subscription box, right?

Wrong.  It isn’t at all, it’s a buyers club.   You get to chose your products every month, and if you don’t want anything your spending limit for the month rolls over to the next month.  So if you are on the £5 a month deal you can have your spending limit of £50 roll over from one month to the next and buy that tub of moisturiser.

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Alright, Barrow, but what did you buy?

One of the reasons I wanted to sign up was because I saw people raving about these Superactive Capsules.   My skin is incredibly dry and these seemed like the perfect pick me up my face needed.  I wasn’t wrong, they are incredible and make my face feel instantly better.   Since I started going through the menopause I have found my skin has become much drier and that by the end of the day I am really thinking I should put some moisturiser on it (I should probably also drink more water).

I also bought the Japanfusion cleanser which people also rave about, and a hair care set because I wanted to get a range of products and not just focus on my face.    This lot came to a grand total of £27.77.  Less than thirty quid (not including the monthly fee and delivery of £3.36).   Those capsules are under a tenner and other capsules from more well known brands retail for around £40 for a similar number.   I am no beauty blogger so can’t really do a credible comparison but I can tell you that I love knowing I am using the right amount and not wasting the serum because I got trigger happy with the pump, and that my face feels less taut after just a day.

I want in, how do I sign up?

Funny you should ask that.

Take me to the Pie, and give me a bonus

If you sign up using my referral link you get your first month free (and I get a bonus on my next spend).

Once you sign up though you can do the same and refer your own friends (it makes no difference to me and my spending power if you refer friends, this isn’t a pyramid scheme!  I will only get a small one time bonus if you sign up and spend)

You can also have a rummage around on their website and read the FAQs to see how Beauty Pie works if you don’t want to take my word for it.

I hope you do though.  This isn’t an ad, I haven’t received anything from Beauty Pie for writing this, I just ummed and ahhed for months before signing up as I wasn’t quite sure how it worked so thought I might share what I found out!   Let me know what you buy!

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