Britmums prompt: A few thanks

This week’s Britmum prompt is:  Thanksgiving…share with us what you are grateful for.


I have been thinking about this prompt all week (they are published on a Sunday and then you have all week to write your post, if you wish) because there are so many things that I am grateful for that I didn’t really know where to start.

So I am just going to do it.

My Parents

I have to start with them as without them there wouldn’t be a MummyBarrow!  I am grateful for their unconditional love and support of both me, Mr B and the children.   They have shown me that marriage is not easy but is a work in progress and needs to be worked at.   They married when my mum was 17, defying all the “it will never last” brigade and are still going strong after 40+ years.   Thank you for everything you have done, and continue to do.

My Children

You are my world, you three.  I adore you all.  Everyday you make me proud and I view you all as my greatest achievement (well that and training the dog to poo when we say “Tevez”).   You are all so very different but I love you all and wouldn’t change one thing about any of you.

Mr B

Who came along and scooped me up as a single mum of three, both the wrong side of 30 and a size 12 but despite that made me realise there IS life after divorce and that good guys do exist.   Thank you Mr B.

My inlaws

Who have embraced both the children and I and didn’t try and persuade Mr B that a single mum of three kids was not an ideal date.   You really are the most amazing in laws and grandparents and I love you both with all my heart.

My friends

You are all amazing.  Some of you I don’t see as often as I would like but I know you are out there.  Some of you I see more often and you always cheer me up.   I love every one of you and thank you for being a part of the madness that is Barrow Towers.

The people I have lost

There are three people who stand out as people we have lost in the last five years and I wanted to thank them for being a part of my life, if only for a short time.   They all left too soon but they all reinforced in me the “One Life / Live it” philosophy.   Life is too short, we don’t know what is around the corner and these three, amongst others, have re-inforced in me that you do have to live each day.


Sorry but I do have to say a big thank you to Twitter.  It is just the most amazing medium and has helped me meet some extraordinary people.   And given me such amazing opportunities.


And finally, thank you to you.   You are obviously part of my life either in a small way that you have found this blog (and I thank you for giving me five minutes of your day to read it) or you area bigger part of my life and I just want to say thank you.

Thank you for being you



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