Cake Cutting

It’s a chore isn’t it?  Something to have endless sleepless nights over.   To ponder for hours.

Just how do you cut a cake into anything other than four?

I don’t know and I don’t care.   There is never any reason for cutting a cake into more than four as far as I am concerned.

If there are eight of you, buy two cakes.   For six slices you still buy two cakes and cut them both into four.   Then you have leftovers for teatime the next day too.

Apparently though that is unreasonable.  We do need to know how to cut cake into something other than four or eight, or six.  For people can’t work it out for themselves, or cut it into six slices when they need five and simply eat the extra one.

Apparently we need this:

Cake Divider AppAn app.  An app you can purchase from the App Store

An app that allows you to photograph your cake, select how many slices you need and then watch in wonder as it shows you just how to cut it to the required amount.


Don’t thank me


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  • How have I managed so long without this? I’ve always found that the protractor, ruler, compass and pencil method bu$$ers up the icing summat rotten. You have saved my life.

  • Well actually I bought this, used it on pizza and it was a great help. Tricky to hold and cut without the lines going off-kilter though. You really need someone else to hold the iPad.

    No, of course I didn’t! I’m not *quite* that mad.

  • I do love your thought process 😉 but an app…I must get some credit so I can I buy said app…or I can just cut like I do now….a little piece oh well dad can have that (diabetic) large slice hubby will eat it…yep my way is best for everyone x

  • I bought a small Christmas cake (slightly smaller than the size of my hand span) and on the box it said serves 16!
    I could probably do the lot in 16 bites!
    Ha Ha!
    That app would have crashed in panic trying to share that cake up!