Cheese and pickle sandwiches. The greatest combo ever?

I asked on Monday for inspiration for a blog post as I had “Bloggers Block”.   One of my favourite tweeters said “Cheese and pickle sandwiches.  Discuss”.

Oh yes, I thought.  I can get my teeth into this one.

So are they the greatest combination for a sandwich?  I think they just might be.

The thing is though there have to be some parameters.    The bread for instance has to be white sliced.  I know.  I know.   Slap me now.   But I don’t like “proper bread” for this, I like plastic bread and if you have a problem with that bit you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Next comes the spready bit.   Now you are going to get ranty here.   I want Salad Cream.   No mayo thanks.  Proper Heinz Salad Cream.    On both sides of the bread, spread instead of butter.

And then the cheese.

Now for this I want ready grated Cheddar.   Yep.   Ready grated.  In a bag stuff.   I used to look at this adn think it was the most middle class and ridiculous invention ever.  Until I tried it.   And I love it.  J would get through a bag of it a day if he was at home, he is such a fan.

It needs to be sprinkled on one piece of the bread until is about half an inch thick.

Next comes the pickle.   Now this has to be Branston and their small chunk stuff.  I don’t want big cubes of pickle poking through the bread.

Put these two together and then cut the bread into four triangles.   Got to be triangles.   It tastes so much better than in squares.  Don’t ask me why.  But if you do research, let me know.

So there you have it.   The perfect sandwich.

You can even toast it.  It is still perfect in my opinion



Image of cheese sandwich courtesy of Shutterstock

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  • @needaphone Cheese and pickle I can’t do it if it’s sliced cheese I have a fear of sliced cheese in sandwiches it has to be grated… don’t ask …

  • Brilliant! You can get a blog post out of any topic. And well said too. I know I shouldn’t but I smile inside a little when I see cheese and pickle on thick white bread as my only veggie sandwich option when travelling.

  • Well, now I have a problem with this. I don’t disagree, per se, but for me there are different categories of sanger, ergo different favourites within each category. Shall I continue …?

    The Baguette: The King of Baguette fillings has to be hot bacon with brie. The bacon must be of a good quality, smoked back. The brie at room temperature. The baguette fresh and crusty, spread with butter. And all topped off with an obscene amount of tomato ketchup. Heinz. None of the own-brand pretenders.

    The Cold Sandwich: possibly the toughest category to call, but after careful consideration it has to be egg mayonnaise and tomato, on sliced white bread (Warburtons Toastie, very fresh) works for me, and lots and lots of salt on the tomato.

    The Hot Sandwich: Once again, I call on that trusty old friend, smoked back bacon, but with a runny fried egg and yes, more tomato ketchup. All on thick sliced white bread.

    Excellent blog Mummy! I see the popularity of the sandwich going stratospheric within days!


  • Totally agree. Grated cheese and small chunk Branston…also agree on the white bread, but Sourdough is the ultimate! Salad Cream? Hmmm, I’ll pass on that – just good old butter for me. But – it HAS to be grated cheese [the more mature, the better] and small chunk Branston.


  • While I agree that a Cheese and Pickle Sandwich is good, I would not have it the way you prepare it. White Bread – Yes thick sliced, you then need the strongest Mature cheddar you can get and slice it (only weirdos enjoy grated cheese sandwiches) and the pickle has to be the original chunky one.

    Other Cheese favorites would include…
    Cheese and Crunchy Peanut Butter
    Cheese and Mango Chutney
    Cheese and Nutella
    Cheese and Salad (with Mayonnaise)

  • Not my fav sandwich at all. Cannt stand pickle and I am not a big fan of cheese either! Prefer tuna mayo , ham or bacon myself!! Still I like your sandwich making skills – high five 🙂 x