Christmas Games

Well it wouldn’t be Christmas without some board games, would it?  Part of Christmas law to play games and have a row about somebody cheating or playing by different rules.

I remember as a child we often had Christmas with another family and they introduced us to a game called Pass the Pigs.  A very simple game where you simply throw too small pigs and depending on how they land, you score points.   Think Jacks with legs.

Imagine my joy when I came across Giant Inflatable Pigs this year!

A game so simple but great fun that even Cheeky wanted to play

Not sure how many points that combination gets though

Or if you fancy something a bit more cerebral but just as much fun how about Bananagrams.  Heard of it?  If you haven’t you are in a minority.   It has swept the world because it is so portal and can be played anywhere, literally with the tiles and nothing else.  And games last just minutes.

Going on holiday, shove it in your hand luggage.  To a restaurant?  In your hand bag.  Hell you could even play it on the train.   Literally anywhere.

Mr B and I are huge fans of words games (our first dates were playing Scrabble) and crosswords so love this game:

Play it once and you are instantly addicted.  It is all about anagrams so couldn’t be more simple or suitable for the entire family.

So if you are looking for games to play this year, or presents for hard to buy for friends, I really recommend these two.   And if you are coming anywhere near Barrow Towers in December.   Be prepared to play a quick game or two.

You can buy both these games, and many others, from the Winning Moves website



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