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Where to start with buying Christmas presents?  I seem to have the same routine with panic buying every year.    First of all I refuse to start before the 1st of December, and then I realise despite the fact I only have to buy for a dozen people I generally run out of ideas about an hour in.  Regardless of whether that is when shopping locally, or online.     This year I am determined to be more organised, and have actually started already.

A few companies have approached me to ask if I might feature some of their products in a post helping people with a similar dilemma so I am going to group them together in themed gift guides over the next few weeks in the hope they might give you a bit of inspiration.   Do shout if you see something you think I should share!

First up are ideas for foodies, with something for all budgets.


Hampers are a wonderful idea to my mind.   You can either make one yourself with a variety of products around, or you could fill it with things you have made yourself.   If you wouldn’t wish you cooking on your nearest and dearest, like me, then buying a ready made hamper is a great idea.    The one above is from Spicers of Hythe and cost just under £40 including delivery.    Called the Christmas Sparkle it comes with some fizz, biscuits, mince pies, peanuts, fudge, truffles, cheese and onion straws and a chocolate Christmas tree bauble.   All wrapped of course in a cute hamper that can be used afterwards.      Spicers have a whole range of hampers with ideas to suit even the most difficult to buy for so do have a rummage through their website.

PS the eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed that the dry roasted peanuts jar is empty.   I am not really sure how that happened prior to me photographing them.  Ahem.



The list of experiences available with Red Letter Days just seems to keep on growing.   They have just launched their Merry Christmas box which is retailing for £49.99.

Spread some Christmas joy and laughter with this unique experience voucher. Packed within are thousands of fantastic days out to be enjoyed throughout the UK. Take on a thrilling zip lining adventure, enjoy 50 laps in a go kart or tuck into a delightful evening meal. There are plenty of exciting adventures and days out to be enjoyed. Delight in a burger afternoon tea in Soho, a gin master class in Liverpool or take on a 4×4 with an off road drive. Whatever your lucky recipient’s idea of fun, there are plenty of different experiences to enjoy this festive season.

You could buy this box, wrap it up, and then present it to the recipient for them to choose one of hundreds of foodie days out.    There is everything from afternoon tea to three course dinners, to sushi or chocolate making available (full list is here) .   And of course if you don’t want to do a foodie event there are lots of other experiences to choose from too.



I love recipe books.  I read them like novels before then using them to cook with for the first time.   You can tell a really good recipe book in our house because the pages are splashed or marked with food.  The dirtier the book, the better the recipes!    And in these days of finding all our recipes on line I had forgotten how lovely it is to hold a recipe book and to flick through the pages, which made me think that giving a really good recipe book this Christmas would be a lovely idea.    How about one to accompany a favourite TV show, such as one of Jamie Oliver’s?  Or from another celeb chef?

I recently attended the launch of this book “Fast and Easy Indian Cooking“, having been invited by Janie Turner to an event at her house.   I haven’t seen Janie since I first got my Thermomix so it was lovely to catch up with her and to hear what she has been up to.     This book is an updated version of one that Janie released a few years ago, all the recipes have been updated and the images re-shot.  It is a beautiful book with some incredible recipes.   Admittedly you do really need to have a Thermomix to make full use of it but if the budget stretches to that too maybe you could do a bundle 🙂


I think everybody is now, thankfully, more aware of the dangers that single use plastics are posing to the world.   Everybody is now doing their bit to try and cut down on the number for water bottles, or disposable cups they use.  Coffee shops are even offering discounts to people who bring in their own cups to be filled, and Waitrose have banned disposable cups from their “free hot drinks” machines for members.      So why not help a friend or family member do their bit too by buying them a resusable flask?  This one from Leakproof is exactly that so is ideal for carrying in a handbag or briefcase.     Keeps hot stuff hot, and cold stuff cold, and it doesn’t kill a whale.

What more can you ask of a present?


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