Christmas Gift Guide for Animal Lovers

Podium Pet Products

We have been a huge fan of these products since we were first sent some for Mr Cheeks to review earlier this year.  All of their products are natural, and some are even vegan.  I might have also been known to use the Paw and Nose balm on my own hands.  Don’t tell anyone.   You can buy the products individually, or you can buy a bundle of them with prices for those ranging from £25 to £45.  Individual products start from £5 and would be perfect for a doggy stocking!

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Home made dog biscuits

I didnt realise how easy it is to make dog and cat treats.  This would be great way to spend an afternoon with children, Pinterest if full of recipes, and who wouldn’t love to receive something home made in a glass jar or little cellophane bag with a pretty bow?

Sniffe and Likkit

These products are now award winning, having been awarded product of the year in the healthcare and grooming category at the PetQuip Awards 2020.  Personally, I think the name of the brand is just genius, and I love that the name tag on one of them says Bruce (for obvious reasons).  All these products smell fabulous and having just got new carpets downstairs we have loved the paw cleansing wipes, they are perfect after a walk around the local Pond.   Prices are from around £7 (for a box of 10 of the wipes) and as a bundle would make a great gift idea.

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Personalised blanket

Having bought new sofas recently we were keen to make sure our dog and cat didnt sleep on every inch of it, shedding fur and making it impossible to keep clean.  So we bought them both their own blankets that very much signify “that is your bit, keep off the rest”.   So far it seems to be working and they know that is their area, and the blankets are colour co-ordinated with the sofas so fit in with the furnishings.  And whilst they aren’t personalised that would make a thoughtful present for pets at Christmas I think.


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