A special Christmas with Moonpig — #AD

I think it is safe to say that this year we are all going to be approaching Christmas differently, aren’t we?   Where the number of people around our Christmas table is usually between 10 and 12 this year we are going to be a maximum of 6 and are painfully aware that many are facing the very real prospect of being alone, or separated from their loved ones.  And even then we are still conscious of the fact we aren’t even certain six will be permitted, everything feels like it will be up in the air until the very last minute.

I am making a conscious effort, therefore, to ensure that I make more of an effort with Christmas cards and gifts for all of my friends and family.   That I plan ahead and don’t leave things to the last minute and actually sit down and write cards this year.  I know I have written in the past about why I don’t send Christmas cards but this year feels different, hell this year IS different.    I will even be sending cards to people I might not have been in touch with since Christmas last year, when we caught up with them and wished them a happy new year.   If ever a year needed a card saying “thinking of you at Christmas” I think it’s this one isnt it?

When Moonpig asked me to join a Zoom call with them to hear all about the Moonpig app I jumped at the chance, even though I don’t normally start thinking about Christmas until at least the end of November.   As I said, this year I want to be organised so have lifted my self imposed “not until at least November 17th” Christmas ban.  So whilst enjoying cocktails Moonpig had sent a group of us, and arranging flowers with their in-house florist, we learned that the app is available for download on both IOS and Android and makes ordering cards and gifts really easy.

Oh and what’s more if you download the app and use it order cards you can use the discount code APP20CA at check out to get a 20% discount 

So how does the app work, I hear you cry, well let me tell you

How to use the Moonpig App

Once you have signed up and created your account the app is laid out in categories so you can find what you want really quickly, either a simple Christmas card, a personalised one, one with a photo or even a gift.   And remember Moonpig isn’t just for Christmas, there is a card for every occasion!

Photo upload cards and gifts

I think this is where Moonpig has always stood out for me.  Being able to send a card with a photograph on it blew my mind when I first did it and I have so much fun over the years creating collages of photos for friends and family.  It is simple to do and the app makes it really easy for you to get it right (good enough quality image, in the right place etc).  If you have never done this I really urge you to do it, recipients love it!

Personalised Christmas Cards

During the Zoom call this was the bit that blew me away.  When I had used Moonpig in the past I knew you could write your own message to be printed inside the card but what I didn’t know is that you can now handwrite a message, upload it as a photo and include it in the inside of your card.   This means that you no longer have to have the card sent to you so you can write that personal message, before you send it on.   By writing your message on plain white paper and uploading it to the site you can have your message printed onto the card and sent directly to the recipient.  Gamechanger.

Multiple Recipients

If you want to create your own family card, you can do that, maybe with a photo upload, and then you can have Moonpig send it to multiple recipients for you.  You simply add the card to your basket and then add another item.  This puts multiple cards in your basket, allowing you to then select recipients from your Moonpig address book.

Order ahead

If you want to be organised you can sit down with a cuppa and order all the cards you want, but delay delivery (this is really clever if you are doing it for birthdays and anniversaries, you can do it all at the beginning of the month, or a few weeks ahead) so that it is sent out a few days before without you having to remember to send it.   You can even have a message written on the front of the envelope saying “not until…”   Do bear in mind that delivery services are busier than ever at the moment so add on a couple of extra days just to be sure.

Bulk orders

You can, of course, have multiple copies of the card sent to you for you to post on,  or hand deliver.


There is a HUGE selection of gifts, to suit every budget and every occasion, from chocolate to flowers to gin to teddies.  Many with next day courier delivery if ordered before the cut off point, and with delivery for less than a fiver.

Moonpig really have thought of everything to make it as simple as possible to make somebody else’s day, and with 20% off using APP20CA what are you waiting for!


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