Clever Storage Solutions for Bedrooms you need in 2024 {AD}

In the pursuit of a tranquil and organized bedroom, I’ve embarked on a quest to sort out some clever storage solutions that not only declutter but also enhance the overall ambiance of our spare bedroom. Its been a dumping ground for too long and if we can’t get rid of all the things stored in there I need to make it at least look less cluttered, so here are the tricks I am going to use.

Floating Shelves:

Floating shelves will be my go-to for both aesthetic appeal and practicality. These stylish additions not only showcase my favorite items but also serve as functional storage for books, small accessories, or bedtime essentials. Embracing vertical space proved key in maximizing storage without sacrificing floor space. I also have a stash of Jo Malone boxes that I keep thinking will come in handy day and that day is now because rather than keeping them all for no purpose they are now going to be filled with things and stacked artfully.

Functional Wardrobe Overhaul:

Revamping the wardrobe organization was another crucial step. Investing in slimline hangers, drawer dividers, and hanging organisers will transform the wardrobe in there into efficient storage space. It means we can all start storing things in there we dont necessarily want to keep in our own rooms

Baskets and Bins:

Baskets and bins became my allies in the battle against clutter. Stylish woven baskets tucked under side tables or on closet shelves provided a chic solution for corralling loose items. From laundry to accessories, these storage containers added a touch of flair while keeping my bedroom tidy. Alongside the Jo Malone boxes obviously

Mirrored Furniture with a Purpose:

Incorporating mirrored furniture isnt just about aesthetics; it serves a dual purpose. Mirrored dressing tables or bedside tables not only add a touch of glamour but also create an illusion of more space. The reflective surfaces effortlessly contribute to a brighter and airier atmosphere and make it feel a bit less ignored in there.

Ottoman Divan Bed Bliss:

Ditching our old bed and getting an ottoman divan bed is something I cant believe we didnt consider before. Storage beds really are an ideal spot for items that need to be kept close to hand, read not in the loft, but out of sight. Spare duvets, winter clothes in summer, Christmas decorations, it can all go under there. These multi-functional beds seamlessly integrate style with utility, offering both comfort and discreet storage. Seriously I don’t know why more people don’t do this, under the bed can be such an overlooked place for storage and the current bed with stuff randomly shoved under it is a dust mite playground.

I am really hoping that by sorting that room out in 2024 will make it look neater, maker it more inviting and also mean it is easier to clean. Plus we get other storage areas in the house back as we can move things out from our own wardrobes to under that bed. This will allow us to transform that bedroom into a serene retreat that we might want to use during the day for a nap or a bit of quiet rather than the door being closed and it only being used when someone comes to stay. Each strategy, from under-bed storage floating shelves, plays a unique role in creating a space that not only looks appealing but also functions seamlessly.

If you have any other solutions do let me know!

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