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If you would like to contact me I would love to hear from you.   The best way to contact me is via email:

Beware though that if you are asking me to work with you for $20 you may not get a response.  And if you have my fees and then come back to me and ask inpolitely for a huge discount before we have even worked together you will be consigned to the bin.   Harsh, I know, and I am sorry but I do get really frustrated by that kind of approach.  When I can go into Waitrose and tell them I only want to pay a certain amount for my basket of shopping, despite everybody else paying full price for the basket, then I will be happy to work for you after knocking 80% off my fee.  Until that time, I am afraid your email is unlikely to garner a reply.

That said I am more than happy to work for free, will publish your press release, talk about you on Twitter or Instagram in exchange for nothing but a virtual hug if I love what you are doing or you sending me gifs of kittens.

You can, of course, also contact me on Twitter: @mummybarrow is me and I normally hang out over there (more so now it isnt flooded with American election news and I may disappear again when Brexit happens but if you DM me I promise to come back to you).

You are welcome to use old school snail mail but I can’t guarantee your letter won’t be eaten by the dog.    Though if you sent it wrapped around a gin bottle you automatically go to the top of the pile and will get an instant response.

Mummy Barrow Limited  is a registered company in England and Wales, company number 09276175

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  • Hi there!

    I have set up — with the help of some fantastic partners — an exciting project in London to help job-seeking refugee women find a path to employment through bread baking. A year in the making since the light bulb first went off in my head, we finally kicked off our first session of our pilot course in early January. We have big aspirations: to ultimately set up a social enterprise or else partner with a major artisan bread baker.

    Your post about the amazing Virtuous Woman Bakery leads me to hope you might be open to tweet and write about us. We need to build our profile and raise money so we can continue to evolve and help more women in need.

    Check us out here and then do please drop me a line:

    Kind Regards,

    Liz Siena
    Founder, Just Bread London

  • Hello,

    Wondering if you accepted guest posts on your site. Also would you be willing to insert links in existing posts?

    How much would you charge for this?


  • Hello,

    My name is Mark and I represent, a site focussed on new customer offers in the UK.

    Do you have any opportunities available on your website where we can promote? for example promotional or guest blog post opportunities? If you could drop me a reply with any further details (including prices if possible) or additional questions that would be great.

    Kind Regards  

    Mark Hirst

  • Hi,

    I follow your blog “ and I enjoy what you do here. I was wondering if I could contribute a guest post on your blog. I have quite a few titles ready to publish. The article will be original and freshly written. Let me know, I am very keen on this. I would like to cover topics that are relevant to your blog.

    In case, you need some review fees, let me know. I can afford a small amount for that. I really look forward to your positive.


    Ersad ali
    Outreach sub manager at