David Walliams — my hero

I don’t find everything that David Walliams has ever starred in hilarious.  It’s not always my kind of  humour, but then when it comes to comedy I am a bit odd.

There I have said it.

However the things you have done for charity leave me speechless.  And as somebody on 29,000 tweets being speechless is not something that comes naturally.

Right now you are swimming 140 miles in possibly some of the dirtiest water in Britain.    Not content with swimming the channel a few years ago, you agreed to this challenge.  Not content to run a marathon or walk from John O’Groats to Lands End but swim 140 miles.   Not in a pool, racking up the miles by doing 4,500 lengths but by getting up at 6am and getting in the Thames.

Why?  For charity.  An amazing charity:  Sport Relief.    A charity that helps both young and old here, and also abroad.  People that you have never even met.  Yet you want to help by pushing your body to the limit.

Battling currents, dodgy stomachs, cramp, raw sewage, drowning dogs and God only knows what else.

On Friday you swam past J’s school (Shiplake) and the photos J send made me cry.   His 16th birthday and he was down on the banks cheering you on.  A birthday he will never forget!!   The fact that boys had been excused from lessons and allowed to all go down and watch is an idea of the support everybody along the Thames is giving David. Thanks to @shiplakeHM for arranging that.

Everytime I see a tweet from @sportrelief I get a lump in my throat and get goosebumps.   One of the joys of Twitter is that we can follow in real time almost.  Seeing that your mum has arrived at Teddington Lock to have lunch with you is wonderful.   That Lara, your gorgeous wife was there on a kayak yesterday feeding you biscuits to keep you energy levels up was fantastic.  I cannot imagine how proud of you they must be right now.

David, you are my hero.  What you are doing is extraordinary and I salute you.

I have put my money where my mouth is and sponsored you.

Dear reader, if you haven’t, please do it.   If all my followers on Twitter did £1 that would be £1300.

THe link to sponsor David is here:  Sport Relief

Sadly I haven’t been able to get down to the river to cheer in person and won’t be able to be there in Westminster on Monday but believe me David I am going to be cheering from Hampshire.

This morning my best friend Sarah (@sc8720) suggested we get #knighthoodforDavid trending.   I really think that David deserves a Knighthood, at the very least an OBE.   I am seriously considering writing to The Palace to suggest this.

Is it Dear Your Majesty or Dear Queen?

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  • Oh my god :-0 what did I start :-))))) if a hashtag I started trends I might explode with excitement :-)))

  • If you’re serious about nominating him, there is a whole application process. I have done it and it is very long and thorough. You don’t just write to the Queen!

    You can download it and get more information Here!!!!

  • Gosh, this post gave me goosebumps – and to think you have spent the last week end with him! I’m trying to think of the right word that says the thing I’m trying specifically to say – it’s something like portentous or prophetic or fortuitous, but it’s a mix of all three and means something incredibly special – just like him and, dare I say it, just like you XX

  • He is one special man, someone who is giving back to the world rather just taking what they can get from it. I really hope you write to the palace to highlight his amazing work.