Dear America

Please please please re think this “constitutional right”  about guns.

We went to bed last night with the breaking news of yet another horrific massacre in the US by a lone gun man.  Over 20 innocent people in Newtown murdered in a matter of minutes.

This has to stop.

Why do Americans need to carry a gun?  Don’t give me a speech about it being a right.   Why do you feel the need to be permitted to carry a deadly weapon?  Why do you need that?

Innocent children have been gunned down at school.  Teachers murdered.   Why?  Over the summer innocent people murdered at the cinema.  Because your country has a constitutional right to allow people to carry a gun.   What about those people’s constitutional right to go about their daily lives without the threat of being massacred.

Please make it stop.

This graphic says it all (Tweeted by Scott Jonesy):


I saw a Tweet last night that summed it up even more succinctly:

Only in America is gun ownership a right but healthcare a privilege.

And they call that the Land of the Free?

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  • Well said! I’ve seen people saying stuff like “guns don’t kill, people do” and “if the teachers had been armed, and the school had armed guards, they could have defended themselves”. No, more people would have been killed in an even bigger bloodbath, you stupid fools! I’ve deleted one “friend” over their ridiculous comments on “rights” because of this. The weapons this man used were not even “normal”. He used weapons a person in the armed services or a trained hunter would use! Why should any normal citizen have the right to own and use one of those? I do know that in Switzerland, every adult is trained to use a gun, and each household has one, but they are kept locked up, they aren’t allowed to carry them around, and they are only for defense, so some countries do have gun ownership and it’s done sensibly, but the American public needs to get over itself and grow up and give up it’s “rights” and realise that what was put as an amendment in a different time, does not apply now!

    • I cannot believe that somebody has suggested arming teachers or appointing armed guards!

      IT’S A SCHOOL.

      • There is a motion trying to be passed in certain states that would allow teachers to be armed at school and sanction armed guards in schools. I have to say, if I’d be homeschooling if that was where I lived. No child of mine would be in a school with guns, where guns are normalised like that.

        • And how long would it be before some trigger-happy teacher or guard blew the head off of some unsuspecting kid or passer-by who looked like they might be a shooter? The mind BOGGLES.

  • Frightful!
    I once saw the text of the US Constitution that
    “enshrines the right to bear arms” and I have to say that it seemed to me to be a bit ambiguous. Anyone got a copy of the clause or sentence that obtains?

    Seeing the statistics on the poster we might want to add Syria; could be that the USA and Syria would be VERY close.

    • EXACTLY! They’ve run away with this generalised interpretation that they all have and are clinging to it so tightly that they seem to have cut off the blood supply to the ‘sense and reason’ part of their brains!

  • Brilliant post, as usual, Mrs. B. I saw a statistic once that said if you own or carry a gun, you’re 50% more likely to be shot dead, so people saying we should arm teachers or have armed guards in schools are MONUMENTALLY missing the point, I feel.

    And I agree with the above, that it’s terrifying that Americans (or at least 50% of them) fight so vociferously for their right to bear arms yet are up in arms over Obama’s plans for healthcare. Americans seem to think that anything involving welfare threatens their way of life and fail to see that it’s mentally ill people with guns who are actually threatening their lives.