Dear Boots

Dear Boots

I was in Boots last week, looking for sunglasses.  Topical for February, I know.  I wear sunglasses all year round as I struggle with any amount of brightness when I am driving, so if they aren’t on my face they are on my head.  I also have an unruly fringe you see and sunglasses are the perfect way to sort it out on a temporary basis.

So yes, I am one of those people that you look at in January and think “what does she look like with her sunglasses on”.  I don’t much care to be honest.

What I do care about though is being ripped off.

Hence this missive.

Wearing said glasses on my head is what breaks them so I get through at least a pair a year, the lastest being consigned to the bin last weekend.  Leading me to venture into my local Boots this weekend.  .

The first pair I picked up where £98.  I am not paying that for a pair of glasses I will be replacing next year, no matter how much I like them, so I started to rummage around and then found a pair for a tenner.   Perfect.

Except your signage told me they were men’s.


Why are sunglasses either men’s or women’s?

I understand clothing being segregated, or even cosmetics but in these times of even getting rid of single sex toilets in public places, in favour of a unisex arrangement why are sunglasses still separated?  If the NHS is issuing diktats to say you can no longer called a pregnant person a mother as it offends transgender pregnant persons, why are we still walking in to your optician’s to find men’s on the left and women’s on the right?

Then when we have cleared that one up can you maybe explain why I am  finding that there is a price disparity?

Why are the men’s a tenner but the women’s one’s I picked up that are only slightly different £20?

Answers on a postcard please

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