Dear Coronation St bosses


Let me start by saying that I am a fan.  Have been for years,  and watch every episode thanks to Sky+ series link.

However, something is really starting to get on my nerves.  In fact, I say “starting”.  It has been for a while but it is only since I started blogging that I can say it out loud.

It isn’t the fact that nobody ever brushes their teeth.   I expect that it is a bit too boring for a storyline despite the fact I think it should be seen regularly in every episode.   Why don’t you show children brushing their teeth before bed?

Anyway, I digress.

No, what is really getting on my nerves is this “fall into bed, or the sofa” after the first eyelash flutter nonsense.

Twice over this Easter weekend we have seen couples go from first kiss to buttoning up their clothes after doing the do before the next ad break even starts.

Tommy and Tina have been dancing around for months and finally kissed outside the flat.  Finally.  Hoorah we think.   Tommy opens the door and it then cuts to them on a sofa clearly naked under a blanket.  What happened to dinner?  To talking?  To going on a date?

Monday night we saw Carl and Sunita going from talk of a gambling addiction to a snog, to getting dressed after doing the do.

Now I am not saying that I want to see what happens in between the kiss and the sofa wake up.   God forbid.   I am generally eating my tea when it is on.    But what I do want to see is “some good old fashioned courting”.   Some romance.

These are not isolated events, Frank and Sally, Peter and Carla et al have all done pretty much the same thing.   And as you go out before the watershed, a long time before the watershed, it is not unreasonable that children are seeing this.   Thinking that this is acceptable.   That this is what happens.

It isn’t what happens.   Well actually it is, it is why Britain has the highest teenage birth rate in Europe.   Because we have a generation of kids thinking it is fine to kiss on a doorstep and then wake up naked.

What about contraception for Tommy and Tina?

Or Sunita and Carl?

Did Carl pack up his worldly goods into a carrier bag and then stop off at Dev’s to buy condoms before going round to Sunita’s to talk about his gambling addiction?  No.  He didn’t.

I am not suggesting that you become like Moonlighting where we spent four years and 66 episodes wondering if Maddie and David would ever get it together.   No.

It would be nice, however,  if we saw at least an ad break between the first snog and the trousers going back on.  Please.



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  • Oh how I applaud this post, Eastenders is the same, I don’t really watch, but my children do, and this really disturbs me because it normalises this kind of behaviour. that and the musical beds – where everyone seems to sleep with everyone else. It may be dull, but pleeeease can we have some glimmer of sexual responsibility?

  • ,y kids watch Corrie and Eastenders, and I was thinking this exact same thing just the other day. There’s absolutely no relationship that lasts longer than a couple of years without one or both of them getting it on with someone else. Never. It just doesn’t happen that way in real life. It teaches our kids that when you’re bored of your relationship just move onto the next one. No-one ever goes to Relate, or works at making their marriage work, they just bonk the next door neighbour.

  • Being that neither Benders or Corrie has any semblance to real life I suggest you stop watching it 🙂 I’ve found my life vastly improved once t’other half finally woke up to the claptrap it is and no longer watches it religiously.

    My parents used to watch all of them but as a child I wasn’t allowed to watch it. I was allowed to watch Emmerdale Farm (back when it was more about farming and less about sex!) and that was it.

    Although I do agree that there should be some resemblance to that funny thing could responsibility (both characters and producers) but then people wouldn’t tune in for a cuppa cocoa would they?