Dear Lord Sugar

You are quite the bully, aren’t you?

Nobody can deny that over the years you have been very successful in business, of that there is no doubt.  You remind people often of how you started off selling electrical parts out of a van.   Not an episode of The Apprentice goes by without you making some reference to Hackney or your market stall.

However now you are just a bully and appear to be suffering from a classic case of Napoleon Complex.

The Apprentice is a show I can no longer watch.  It is built on the idea that you pick on one of the contestants and humiliate them.  You highlight the failures and destroy them in the name of entertainment.   You set up situations where they attack each other to save themselves.

Sorry but that is not my idea of entertainment.

Whilst The Apprentice is off the air you still Tweet, alot.    Often to Piers Morgan and quite frankly they don’t make pleasant reading.   I give you an example below from this week:



Some might say that is just a joke.  But actually, do you know what?  It isn’t.   It really isn’t.

How about this one from Saturday night whilst X Factor was on:

And this one that caused a bit of a media furore:


Why do you do it?  It is because you somehow think you are superior to everybody else? Or is it because you are just a little bully?


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  • Agree. He wants to inspire young people does he? No place for bullying EVER and as we know, it says more about the bully.

    • Thanks Jacqui. Absolutely. As a role model for young people I think he is appalling. Would far rather they looked up to people like Peter Jones or Duncan Bannatyne. Or yourself 🙂

  • That’s a brilliant post! I unfollowed him a while ago because I got fed up with his tweets.

    It did wonder sometimes if it’s an act and even if it’s Lord Sugar that’s actually writing the tweets. Surely he’s got more important/interesting things to do than be a prat on Twitter?!

    He should look at what the likes of Theo Paphitis is doing with his ‘Small Business Sunday’ retweets – something which I believe makes a massive difference to half a dozen small businesses every week!