My Desk

You can tell a lot about a person by their desk, can’t you?  The photos above show you my desk, before and after a tidy.

My desk is in the corner of what is known as “The Office” but in reality the room is a bit of a dumping ground.   When we want something out of sight of and out of mind it gets dumped in “the office”.   And so depending on what day it is, determines how tidy the room is.

Right now it is a dump.   That before picture is not so much before as current and it is driving me mad if I am brutally honest.   There are piles of “things” everywhere.   “Stuff” is just in every corner and i can’t even get to the desk.   Ignore the bed.  That was a temporary addition for Mr B Sr who was down with Lady B over Easter.   Less mobile currently then he would like to be he is not able to do our stairs.   The problem now is that we haven’t around to dismantling the bed and it is making a hand space for a pile of spare hand bags, dog walking coats and leads.

I dream of my office being a centre of calm.  Of the Feng Shu being right.  Of it being clutter free and beautiful.   Where I can work and blog in peace, surrounded by calm and order.

I would like a desk lamp that works and now a bedside light that is not plugged in.

I want to get all the paper work sorted and in some kind of order.  I have a filing cabinet but it wont open because the lock is jammed.

The curtains don’t close because the track is sticky and they are too long so always look screwed up.

There is a load of junk on the desk like my “collection” of notebooks and 400 pens.

As part of a campaign by British Gas I was asked to show you my desk and display my creativity.   And show you it is unique.  Well it has a sign on it that says “Mummy Barrow” for a start.  There can’t be more than one of those.

I am not sure this post really shows off my interior design flair, though it shows you that I can tidy and that I am ordered and organised.    I am itching to get it sorted and get some order to it and really get those creative juices flowing.   To then have a desk that says “yep, that is my space”.   Where I can sit and get all the ideas buzzing around my head out and onto the blog.

First thing I would buy though would have to be a new mug for that ever present cuppa.

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