DIY Gifts Ideas for a Mom Who Loves to Travel



If you got a mother who loves traveling, you can make some useful stuff that she can use when travelling.   She will appreciate a home made gift more than if you were to buy it from the shop, I am sure.   These are easy to make and do not necessarily require professional craftsmanship skills.   You can give these gifts on a special occasion such as Mother’s Day next week,  or just make them and give to her ahead of her next trip

Travel Photo Art Gift

You can use the favorite photos of your trips to create a photo art travel gift to bond with your mother. There are lots of ideas, for example, photo magnets, photo coasters, photo albums, photo keychains, and photo blocks. Usually, a raw photo needs to be edited first before it can be used to make the DIY photo gift. For example, if you just want selected faces in the photos, you can use a photo cropper to crop them out.

Handmade Soap

You can make some handmade soaps for your mother to use when she is traveling. You can make soap of any shape and design using a soap mold. Other ingredients you will need are glycerin, measuring cup, saucepan, dye and essential oil. First, you put the glycerin in the measuring cup and boil it in a saucepan. Once the glycerin has melted, you can add the dye, essential oil and other stuff that you want to add. After that, you must use a spoon to stir it and freeze in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. 

DIY Fingerprint Map

The whole family can dip their thumbs in paint and stamp them on a paper to create a fingerprint map of the country they have visited in the vacation. Each family member can dip his/her hand in a different paint color. You can edit the artwork with a photo editor to ensure it look exactly like a real map. Or, you can use watercolor to paint a fingerprint map. You can use different colors to paint the map to make it appear colorful and interesting.

Travel Themed Painted Vase

You can use your creativity to create a travel themed painted vase, for example, painting the scenery of a landmark your visit on your trip. After that, you can fill it with flowers and present it to your mother. It will not only add aestheticisms but also freshen up the air in your mother’s house with the nice flower smell. You only need to spend money to purchase a mason jar to make the painted vase. Alternatively, you can recycle any other containers that are suitable for making a flower vase. 

Make a Travel Bag

You can make a travel bag to give to your mom, if you have a sewing machine at home and know how to sew well. There are a lot of free templates on travel bags that you can download online. The templates usually come with a thorough description of the materials you need for the project. You can also watch YouTube videos on how to make travel bags.

Scented Candles

DIY travel scented candles can be conveniently tucked in a bag in your trip and use for freshening the air in the hotel room. You can use any unused cups, plant holders or glass jars to make the scented candle. The container should not contain any crack otherwise the wax will cause further damage to it when it is dried. Next, you will need to put the glass jar in the oven and bake it at a keep warm setting. While it is being baked in the oven, melt some wax in the microwave oven which you will use to set the wick in place afterwards. Next, you can boil the appropriate amount of wax flakes in a glass measuring cup with a double boiler. When the wax flakes have melted enough, you can add the preferred color, essential oil and other stuff. Finally, you must pour the wax into the small containers and let it cool down.

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