Do Your Shoes Love Your Feet Back?

Who doesn’t love a fresh, new pair of athletic shoes, especially when they look cool? But a word of caution: looking cool is often not enough and finding the perfect pair of shoes can depend on a great deal more than that. This can add a rather confusing layer to the search process in the quest for the perfect shoes, very bewildering very quickly! So how to navigate this process, that seemed so easy a minute ago? Here’s how.

Find Out What You Can Upfront

Other than the obvious suggestion of doing online research before committing to a purchase in-store, don’t underestimate the help of the shop assistants! Nike sales assistants, for example, are often highly trained in their field, and understand the market, as well as the intricacies that may arise between brands who are in competition. Your knowledge is what is going to empower you in making the right decision though, so do come to the store armed with some research of your own.

What Does Your Lifestyle Say?

The first place to start when you are looking at buying new shoes, is to look at your lifestyle. If you are sporty, and love jogging, then running shoes might be for you. If you are more outdoorsy, love climbing and trekking, and a lot of your adventures take place over rugged terrain, hiking shoes might be more appropriate for you.

Nothing sucks more than a sore back or aching feet, and both can be expected if you wear inappropriate shoes for the activity that you are doing. Wearing the wrong shoes over a prolonged period can lead to compounded complications, such as your overall alignment, posture and stability being affected.

Walking or Running?

Walking is a natural motion, does not take any time to learn, and needs no external equipment or fees to have access to! Vigorous walking has been proven to be one of the most effective forms of exercise, and the only thing that can make it more effective and more comfortable is the right kind of Nike shoes, which, in the case of walking long distances with some intention, will be performance shoes, or similar.

Better cushioning is a great way to achieve comfort over distance and taking the time to find a great pair of stability shoes for sale will provide much-required motion control for long-distance walkers who needs extra insurance against injury.

Running shoes are different from walking shoes, and although the motion of the two activities is similar, the activities themselves are different, and as such require a different kind of shoe.

Road running shoes are great for average use on flat surfaces, like roads, paths and sidewalks, where not a lot of extra stability is required.

If you tend to take your outings into the great outdoors, rather than just outside, trail running shoes might be the best option for you. They offer extra traction and grip on unstable surfaces, and are more resilient to outdoor environments.

Cross-training shoes are the final variation, and are ideal for gymming or multi-disciplinary training environments.

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