February Binge Worthy TV

Following on from January’s Binge Watch post here are a few things I think you might like to binge on TV this month.

Hidden Assets — BBC4

There seem to be an awful lot of crime dramas about at the moment, some of them a bit too heavy to binge all in one go. This however is brilliant. Yes it’s crime and yes somebody is found dead in the opening five minutes but it isnt as dark as many dramas seem to be (how many are all filmed at night?!). It follows an investigation into the assets of crime and how nothing is ever quite straightforward. The blurb on iPlayer says “A diamond haul in Limerick, a body in Antwerp and a terrorist bombing campaign. Detective Emer Berry must work out how they are all connected. Tense, against-the-clock thriller” And that sums it up pretty well. Just six episodes and we binged the first three in one go. Well worth a watch. Don’t get distracted by how many times one of the characters always seems to be taking off or putting on their coat though, it drove me mad!

The Teacher — Channel 5

I love Sheridan Smith. She plays the messed up vulnerable woman roles so brilliantly, and seems to have been in a few recently. Sheridan plays Jenna Garvey (I keep wanting to call her Jane), a fantastic teacher but somebody who’s personal life is chaotic. This leads to her being arrested on suspicion of a crime, and the consequences this has for a teacher. A really easy watch that you don’t have to pay too much attention to so a good one to watch on an iPad maybe or if you are doing something else at the same time ( I tend to binge TV when I am working so not being able to pay too much attention to something is crucial for me!)

Tinder Swindler — Netflix

This is a true story but my goodness it is hard to believe that. Simon Leviev wooed women on line, telling them he was a diamond mogul, he swept them off their feet with trips in private jets, flashy cars and expensive gifts. In reality it was a massive Ponzi scheme and he is thought to have conned his victims out of up to $10 million. Many of those women are still in debt, repaying the loans they took out because they believed him. Honestly you will watch it and have SO many questions. We can all agree that the last woman featured though is some badass. Hats off to her.

The Gilded Age — Sky Atlantic (though I watch it on Now TV)

Julian Fellowes wrote this so you know already it is going to be good. It stars Christine Baranski who I adored in the Good Wife (there is another AMAZING series, if you have never seen it please do. That and the spin off the Good Fight) and Cynthia Nixon (no I have never watched Sex and the City or its spin off and have no intention of doing so. There I have said it) another great actress.

They play sisters in this, and follows them and other “society families” in 19th century New York. The costumes, the properties, all of it is superb. Best person in it so far though is penniless and has arrived from Pennsylvania after her father died to now live with her uncle. She is going to need to be married off but you can tell she wants more than that. Well what do you expect from an actress who also happens to be Meryl Streep’s daughter.

Annoyingly HBO only release an episode a week but there are now three so you could binge them all in one go. Be quick though as they go from Now TV at the end of April so dont leave it too long to start them

I feel like “I am Georgina” needs a mention but not a recommendation. I can watch vacuous TV more easily than the next person (hello all the Real Housewife franchises) but this is a step too far. It follows Georgina who’s claim to fame is that she is dating Ronaldo. Honestly don’t bother. I did an episode and a half and just couldn’t watch any more.

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