Five perfect bridesmaid gifts

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It’s that time of year isn’t it? The warm weather always coincides with wedding invitations landing on the doorstep, and I think this year more than ever couples are making the most of the extra bank holiday in June as we have a few invitations for next month already! One of things on a couple’s to do list might also be what to buy as a thank you gift for the Matron of Honour, mother of the bride and bridesmaids (though tradition dictates it is the groom who pays for the gifts for all the men involved such as best man, page boys, father of the bride etc). Whilst gifts are never expected, and in fact buying for bridesmaids etc is a relatively new thing, it is always lovely to be thanked so generously. And by generously I mean, publicly and with a gift of any size, this isnt about something enormous, its about something that shows how much you appreciated their support in the previous months.

So here is my list of five perfect bridesmaid gifts.


These Astley Clarke Earrings would make the perfect gift, or in fact any of the other jewellery in their collection. Earring prices start from £35 (these were £75 a pair) and there are a variety of metals and designs. There is something for everybody and what better way to remember the special role they played then with something they can wear everyday afterwards?

Team dressing gowns

My daughter did these for her wedding (as above) and had dressing gowns personalised for each of the girls in her “team bride” so as they were getting ready they all had these on over their underwear so they only had to put their dresses on once their hair and make up was done. It meant the “getting ready” photos are lovely to look back on as they are all co-ordinated, and the girls all had the dressing gowns as their bridesmaid gifts.


When we got married my husband bought me a bottle of perfume and asked that I wear it on our wedding day so that when he smelt it in future it would always remind him of that day (Chanel No 5 since you are asking). How about buying a smaller version of your favourite perfume, or the perfume you wear on the day, as a bridesmaid gift? Jo Malone for instance let you create a wedding scent and then you can have matching favours or small gifts such as bath oils for those in your wedding party.

Personalised Clutch

Okay so a pouch full of flowers might seem like an odd gift but how about a pouch that is personalised. Katie Loxton for instance have a whole bridal accessories area on their website where you can get a pouch personalised with an initial or their “job title” on the day.

Photo Frame

You can get a photo frame to suit all budgets, or tastes, these days so how about buying frames and then framing a group shot of you all, or your favourite shot from the hen do? Or even presenting it to your team, ready for them to fill with their favourite photo from the wedding?

If you have any other ideas, please do let me know!

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