Five reasons to love miniatures

Alcoholic miniatures I am talking about.  Five reasons to love alcoholic miniatures.

You can buy them for just a few Pounds and the reasons go beyond just wanting a small drink.  We have a whole stash of miniatures (though mostly gin, I have to admit) thanks to my doing Ginmas for a few years so I thought I would tell you why I love them so much.

Small enough to pack for a weekend away

When Mr B and I go away for the weekend I always sling a few miniatures in my overnight bag, alongside teabags and milk sticks.  I really resent paying huge amounts of money for drinks on room service so we take them with us.   Lugging a 750ml bottle is too heavy for a weekend, but taking a few miniatures is a great compromise

Cute souvenirs

When we came back from Iceland I bought a few Icelandic gin miniatures to sit on my gin shelves to remind me of our week away and they cost less than a fiver.

Try before you buy

Splashing out £35 for a full 750ml bottle can be an expensive mistake if you don’t like the flavour.  And let’s face it, with gin there are so many flavours you need to be certain you like the flavour before you commit

Variety is the spice of life!

Having spent £35 on a bottle you like it means you could then be “stuck” drinking the same drink every time you fancy a rum and Coke or G&T (and dont forget I have a whole Gin Parlour on my here if you want to find a few new ones).   If you had a little stack of miniatures you could have a different one every night of the week.  As I do in Ginmas when I do a different gin every night for a month!

They make a cute present

If you need an unusual present for a friend how about buying a few miniatures and maybe a mixer and then wrapping them all in a small gift bag.   You could maybe also get a small garnish kit to go with them so they can really mix things up a bit!

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