{AD} Fok Hing Gin — A review

I was sent this bottle for the purposes of this review

Yep. You read that right. Fok Hing gin. There is an actual gin from Hong Kong called Fok Hing gin. It is named after a popular street in the founders’ native Hong Kong and as the website says

any similarity between our name and popular western profanity is purely deliberate

So the founders are from Hong Kong, the name comes from Hong Kong, but is it made there? Actually no, it isnt. It is distilled in the UK, but with botanicals shipped from Hong Kong. The exact recipe is not disclosed but what we do know is that they all evoke the atmosphere and sound of the city. There are ten in total, including green jasmine tea, all natural and from sustainable sources, bought in a century old market and flown to the UK. It took 13 distillations before the boys were happy with the flavour and ready to launch their 852 Signature gin.

And what a flavour it is. It’s light and citrusy and perfect for drinking on warm summer evenings. As you know I drink my gin with lemonade, not tonic, and this gin is perfect for that. There is a lemon, and maybe tangerine hint to it that sits perfectly with a good lemonade.

I absolutely love it.

In fact I love it so much that not only do I have the bottle I was sent for review, but I have since bought another bottle of it. Well I say since, I actually bought it before the review bottle arrived because I thought I had lost it after it arrived. Turned the house upside down looking for it, couldn’t find it anywhere so bought another one so I could fulfil my promise to review it, and a day after the bottle I bought arrived the review bottle turned up. Good job it’s fabulous then!

Seriously if you want a gin that is a bit different, a talking point, and not only looks great on the shelf but tastes great, I cannot recommend this one enough.

They have since added “Five Blessings” to celebrate the Chinese New Year, and the year of the Ox to their repertoire too.

For now though this one is definitely going to be front and centre of my gin collection

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