Friday night is fish fry night



Friday night fish fry is synonymous with Barbados.   All over the island small gazebos pop up on a Friday afternoon and as the sun sets the locals start frying fish to sell to passers by.

Oistins is the most famous on the island but for us that is too busy and too much like a tourist trap.   We like ours to be a bit more “ethnic”.

So at least once during our trips we head to Moontown to get our fill.

If somebody said to you “it overlooks the cement works” you would probably be put off but don’t be.   It is a great experience.

£10 a head will get you dinner and a couple of drinks.   Don’t ask for a menu.   There isn’t one.   You can have fish (tuna or barracuda), pork or chicken.   With either chips, rice and peas or macaroni pie.

It looks basic because it is basic.   Cutlery is plastic but if you wish to take your own, feel free.   Ditto table clothes and even candleabras have been known to appear.

But the food is great:

Ask for a rum and soda and you will get this (yes that is a whole bottle.  Well quarter bottle):

And as the sun sets look just to the left of the cement works and you can stare at this and know that else where in the world the Olympic Opening Ceremony might be high on everybody else’s agenda but right there, right then, I wouldnt have swapped that view for the world.

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