Visiting -cesters — Frocester

Some might say it was a whistle stop tour of Frocester as we continued visiting all the towns ending in cester this month. Hard to believe it has been a year since we did the last ones, but here we are.

Or rather there we were, in a the smallest of villages called Frocester on a beautiful spring day. We were actually heading to Weston Super Mare for the day but Mr B had seen that we could tick this one off the list on the way so we had a slight detour for lunch.

Which is handy as it appeared the only place to visit here is the fabulous Frocester Pub. The village is just ten miles from Gloucester and is technically in the Cotswolds and has a population of just over 150. The village itself is old enough to be mentioned in the Doomsday book and has Roman remains in the grounds of Frocester Court though this appears to be privately owned and we couldn’t see a way to visit them.

If you do find yourself in that part of the world, pop into the pub where I can highly recommend the Ploughman’s.

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