No not what Americans call cake icing.


It is the new craze apparently.   First there was planking (making like a plank).   Then there was milking (tipping a pint of milk over your head).   Followed by Porting (tipping a bottle of Port over your head.   All done in strange locations and photographed for posterity uploading to the internet.

Frosting apparently is pretending it is not cold and doing what you would be doing on a lovely hot sunny day in June.

Such as these:



Well this is nothing new quite frankly.   This was my attempt a few years ago (v poor quality pic I am afraid and it was snowing so forgive the two white orbs.  And no, I don’t mean my boobs)

Snow Angel

Boy oh boy was it cold.  Well it was January.  Making snow angels having just jumped out of the hot tub in our back garden.

What you can’t hear is Bruce telling me “just move your left arm”  / “tilt your head”  /  “look up”  and me screaming “JUST TAKE THE SODDING PICTURE”.

Can’t see this craze taking off, can you?

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