Furby Connect — Review


I remember Furby the first time around.  They were the MUST HAVE Christmas present one year when my three were small.  It had to be a red one.  The red ones were sold out.   The only parenting issue worse than a sold out Christmas present on Christmas Eve is stepping on Lego at 3am.

There is nothing else.

There was nothing else that Santa could do that year we learned our lesson.  The following year it was a request to my parents and rather than have them call me and say “we can’t get one” I bought one too.  And then took it back in the New Year when they triumphed.

I was intrigued therefore when I heard that Furby had made a comeback with a whole host of new features for a new generation of children.

A sleep mask for a start.  Furby knows when it is night-time.  Thank God.   Last time around Furby really didn’t grasp the concept of being left in the playroom and needing to shut up as it was 2am.  This time however and she does.   He?  She?  I am not sure which one is correct to be honest.


Probably the greatest feature of Furby this time though is that it comes with an app called Furby Connect

  • Furby Connect is Bluetooth enabled, providing your Furby with an internal year-round clock. Furby now knows if it’s Christmas Day, Easter or Valentine’s Day
  • Furby’s mood changes, from happy to sad, to scared, to excited – each Furby is unique
  • Interact with Furby by petting, tickling or shaking Furby – you can play with Furby straight out of the box and he’ll show off more than 150 expressive animations via the LCD eyes, ears and light-up antenna
  • Connect your Furby with the Furby Connect World app, allowing you to feed him, play games or take Furby to the toilet
  • The Furby Connect World app keeps Furby updated and brings in new entertainment from across the internet every week that Furby learns to interact with
  • You can also raise and level up Furblings from within the app

Quite possibly one of the greatest toys ever.  And it will definitely be on the “Must Have” list this Christmas.

So I am feeling pretty smug about the fact it is October and Hasbro have sent me one already!


Available from all good toy shops and more information on Hasbro’s site: Furby

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