The Gallery — 8am

I have had a hell of a week.   As I type this madly on Wednesday morning I have barely stopped for the past 48 hours and am currently sitting in a hotel lobby ahead of more all day meetings.   Yesterday I was out of the house for 12 hours, and its a bit of a blur.    So I took this on Monday morning having seen the theme this week was 8am.

It’s the 200th anniversary of The Gallery this week.  That is some achievement and something that Tara should be hugely proud of.   I think I started around 100 with a cheesy picture of the 80s, I had no idea back then that I would still blogging two years later!  Here is the link if you want a look at the cheesy fashions:  The 80s

So this is my 8am picture.   On the school run (taken by the teen) as we approach school after leaving the house at 7.30am.  It’s a bit dull really and not very inspiring as 8am pictures go.  I am sure there are going to be some spectactular 8am pics.   Sleeping babies, dog walks, sun rises, the works.   Sadly not for me though.  8am for me is traffic five days a week at the midpoint of my first hour long school run.

Now if you will excuse me…. I need to look busy

And order more coffee

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  • It is what you were doing though, mundane or not!! So well done there. I plumped for 3 mornings in a row to try to break some of my mundane up!! Very glad you said teen took the picture (assumingteen was not driving!)

  • 8am in our house is pretty much school run related too. I’d rather be in bed still.

  • 8am in our house is all about yelling! I don’t think I’ve seen any beautiful pictures so far, I think we’re all in much the same boat.
    Sorry to hear about your hellish week and hope things pick up – you’ve got the MADs to look forward to at least!

  • 8am chez nous is serene and peaceful! We can recommend retirement
    And neither of us snore!!

  • Love that you got the time in your photo – I contemplated it – but no clock in Starbucks (maybe it’s like a casino – they don’t want you to know the time so you stay longer!!)

    Hope your week improves. x