The Gallery — Animals

I am expecting lots of cats and dogs (particularly Tara’s gorgeous hound) this week.   And had we been at home then it would almost certainly been my picture too.   Either #Fatcat, Cheeky Dog, or Bob the grumpy cat.   But since we are away I have been able to feature something else.   And not something that I photographed, but that Ellie photographed when she went for a walk last week.

Our French Gite is at the end of a lane, and passes by some farm buildings, piles of logs and hay bales.   And just before you reach our garden and the house there is a field with horses in it.   One of them a very grumpy Shetland pony, the other a very friendly donkey.

We shall miss them when we have gone.

But not the horse flies.   Have you ever seen a horse fly up close?  They are terrifying.

And a bit too quick to photograph, thankfully.

Unlike this fella who seems to be rather enjoying the attention

And sugar lumps

And carrots




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