The Gallery — Up Close And Personal



I had all sorts of plans for the theme this week when I saw it was “up close and personal”.   I have just ordered some macro filters for my camera so I can start taking some arty shots.  But as per usual I am a complete techno-noob.  I have no idea how they work and can’t really get the camera to do what I want it to.

So I have turned to some old photos where we got up close and personal.  To turtles.

If you go to Barbados, swimming with turtles out in the Caribbean is a must-do.   You can moor your boat right where they live, jump in the sea and just snorkel around them.   They then come to you for a closer look, and you can even feed them by hand from the side of the boat.

We have done this 5 or six times now and really can’t wait to do it on each trip.    We won’t be doing it this year as we are off to France on holiday and there is a distinct lack of sea in the Loire.

Looking through these pics though take me right back to 2012 when we took them

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