The Gallery — Detail


All about the detail on The Gallery this week.   It’s all about the detail.

So it had to be the photo above for me.   The scene has been there for eight years ish.   A view I have stared at hundreds of times.   It is the view from the living room in my parent’s apartment in London.

The ornament has been there probably for just as long.   But something about last week caught my eye.    I moved in for a closer look and realised that the solid glass ball was showing the building behind it.  Only upside down because it was being refracted (Ed note:  I had to ask for a quote for that last sentence.  I had no idea what it was really doing to make things look upside down)

I grabbed my phone and tried to catch it so that you could see the building behind AND the building in the ball.   The ball had an area of frosting on it so I was also trying to avoid catching that in the photo.

I am not sure the photo is quite right but I am pretty proud of the effect.  And the detail.

What do you think?



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