The Gallery — Guilty Pleasures

Uh Oh.   I wasn’t sure I was ready to share my guilty pleasure with you.  You will judge.

There will be no going back after this one.

But this is my guilty pleasure.   This little lot.   I don’t know but I love them.   Well maybe not the husbands series but the rest of them are my guilty pleasure.   My moving wallpaper.   My background chatter

Judge me

Go on.


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  • I won’t judge you but I don’t see the appeal personally, I keep meaning to try and watch some to see if I can get into them as so many do love them x

  • I watch Atlanta (since I live two hours away it’s like home). It is also my guilty pleasure. No judgement here.

  • Wow, all of those?! Never seen any of them, but then again I don’t watch much telly. My guiltiest TV pleasure is probably Supersize v Superskinny – it’s the same every week, yet I still love it!

  • I ruddy LOVE the housewives! I’ve always put it down to being someone who hates being involved with confrontation and bitchiness, but quite likes WATCHING the car crash nature of it all! I have a cross-trainer in the garage, and after the school drop Housewives are ALWAYS on, luring me to exercise! They deliver EVERY time! No judgement here! x

  • I have never seen any of those….In fact I didn’t even realise there were so many versions…lol x