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Play, what a gorgeous theme on The Gallery this week.


Fresh back from Kenya I have been trying to process all we saw and did whilst we were out there.   It is always hard to come back from what I feel are life changing experiences and to then slot back into life at home again.  I need a week or two to decompress a bit, and one of things I have really been thinking about are all the children we met.  Children who will never know the difference donations from charities in the UK will make to their lives.  It was lovely watching children playing over there, running around and singing in the shade of the trees.   Hugging their mum’s legs tightly when strange women came over to say hello.   It doesn’t matter where in the world children are, they still love to just be children, don’t they?  As do babies having their vaccinations or having their nappies removed to be weighed, boy did they cry in Kisumu hospital!

Towards the end of our meeting on Saturday afternoon with Mothers2Mothers this little lady wandered over and took a real shine to my red note pad and a pen he had found.   As I wrote notes with my pen, she added her notes with her pen.


She then moved onto making notes on my T-shirt but hey, what the hell.   I was captivated as she drew lines and then tried to pick them up, and watched as her pen made all these blue marks.



Proof that no matter where you are in the world, play is still really important to small children.

It really made my afternoon seeing this little lady, called Tatiana, wandering around bare foot playing with bottles of water, sunglasses and my note pad.   What a little poppet

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  • Awwww ! This was such a lovely moment. If only all kiddies could be kept that happy with a biro (or husbands for that matter)

  • What a lovely post. Play is so very important, no matter where the children live. When we were in India the children played with bicycle tyres and sticks. I was amazed at their skills.

  • What a fabulous photo that first one is. I love that no matter where you are in the world, no matter how poor or deprived or how desperate the conditions, children will always find a way to play

  • I am clapping to you ladies, you rock! Love the above pictures, and have been supporting you along! Well done, so proud of you and what Team Honk does!