The Gallery — Talent

I can’t play a musical instrument

I can’t really cook (though I do at least try)

I can’t run a 10k

I can’t ride a horse

I can’t play rugby, football or hockey.

I can’t speak a foreign language

I can’t knit, sew, crochet, or do anything practical

Which sort of leaves me buggered when the theme this week is talent.   How the hell do I show you a photograph of a talent when I don’t have one?   I can’t really show you an empty packet of biscuits, can I?  Though I did contemplate a picture of roast potatoes.  I am quite good at making those.

Then on Saturday morning as I prepared for an epic day out with Mr B, and knowing I was doing posts this week about days out with children, it hit me.  The major elements of our day out were a birthday present from my parents:  posh lunch, and tickets to a play in the west end.  Much excitement in August when I got it but we had to wait until October to be able to actually do it.

What am I good at?  Organising days out! In fact organising full stop.   It is what I spend my days doing and when it comes to our home life, organising always falls to me.   In order for Mr B and I to have a day in London on Saturday it took making sure I knew what was in the fridge for the teens, how youngest teen was going to get home from an open day at school and an afternoon shopping, who would walk the dog, was there an emergency £20 stashed away for them should it be needed?

Where was the event that we were going to first of all?  Which was the nearest tube?   How would we get from home to the station?  What time is the train?  Address of the restaurant?  How would we get to it from the Thermos event in the morning?  Did we have our Oyster cards?   Which theatre?  We had been offered a limo review so decided to use that to get home, which took a bit of organising and remembering where I had said to pick us up from, and what time.

It’s exhausting isn’t it?

Yet I sort of just take it in my stride.

Including buying the train tickets ahead of time so they were cheaper, and even finding the time to buy a sneaky couple of bottles of fizz to start the day in style.


So yes, I think organising is totally a talent, don’t you?  Especially a family day out.

Though the more I think about it the more I think the roasties might have edged it.




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