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Get Stuck Into Some DIY This Summer

The brighter and warmer summer weather often inspires householders to improve their home in some way, whether it’s a bit of decorating through to a full landscaping of the garden. 

There may be plenty you can do in and around the house, but DIY is time-consuming when there may be sunshine and outdoor leisure activities to enjoy, so the key is to choose those that will have maximum effect.

Some ideas:

Create more storage

Many homeowners wouldn’t say no to more storage space, and an effective and easy way of achieving this with only a modicum of DIY skill is a prefabricated metal garage supplied in easy to assemble kit form. 

These provide storage for all types of items including vehicles, so if you haven’t got a garage and would like to protect that valuable cherished car then a metal garage is a great DIY solution.

Redecorate with a purpose

While you may feel one or two rooms – or maybe the whole house – could benefit from redecoration, think about how redecorating combined with one or two other judicious moves could help improve your home:

Space and light

Many homeowners would love more space and it may be possible to at least create an impression of it through careful color selection.

Lighter shades can improve the feeling of spaciousness, and certain decorating techniques such as painting one wall a dominant shade slightly darker than the others can help.

Putting up a mirror or two in the right place can create a feeling of spaciousness in conjunction with lighter colors, especially in smaller homes.

Garden ideas

For many, the garden is a very important part of the home and can serve as an area for relaxation and entertaining.

Making the most of a garden is a desire of many, and there are various ideas ranging from basic revamping to major landscaping work to achieve this. One idea is to create a ‘special area’ in the garden for particular relaxing, privacy or entertaining.

Depending on the range of your DIY skills, you could partition off a certain area; maybe add some decking and perhaps some low maintenance or even artificial shrubs and fake grass to make a relaxing haven.

Adding a canopy or cover of some type and maybe an outdoor heater means it may be used outside of the warmer months.

Repurpose a room

Maybe you have a seldom-used room that could be put to constructive use with a little adaptation.

For example, a playroom for the children, a home office or den could be created with basic DIY skills and some imagination.

Cheaper and easy DIY projects

DIY doesn’t have to be involved or expensive; indeed, a cluster of small projects quick, cheap and easy to undertake mean you won’t be committing to a major undertaking that could take all summer to complete.

These ideas costing barely $10 are good thought starters for you and show how a little imagination and clever thinking can make a big difference. 

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