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As I write this, I know that many of you are preparing for the festive season. Recent consumer surveys show that more of us are shopping early for Christmas. Many of us have already bought some presents and are paying into their local shops’ Christmas clubs. We are doing that to both spread the cost and reduce the stress. That last-minute rush is not fun, at all.

But, the one thing a lot of us forget is to get ourselves ready for the special dinners and parties that take place in the lead up to Christmas. This is a shame because if you get organised now you can grab yourself a Black Friday bargain party outfit. 

Some retailers will be selling dresses, shoes, bags, suits and everything else you need at a 70% discount. So, if you start early and use some of the partywear outfit ideas I have put together below you can look great without having to spend a fortune.

Pick out most of your outfit now

It is a good idea to go look online now for the clothes you will need. When you find something that you like, grab the URL. That way, on Black Friday and Cyber Monday mornings you can get online to copy and paste them into your search engine. This will take you straight to the relevant page so that you can see if that item is in the sale. If it is you can buy it immediately. You have to get to the bargains fast on these sales days. The best deals tend to sell out fast.

A nice dress

For a festive party or occasion, a dress is an excellent choice. It is an instant outfit. You just need to accessorise well to look fantastic. 

There are already plenty of festive party dresses available online and in the shops. For a special event, you want to wear something a little different, a dress that you would not wear every day.

Luxury fabrics

Start by looking at dresses that are made from luxury fabrics. This year, there are lots of lace and velvet clothes for sale, which is great news. These fabrics are weighty enough to hang well and flatter your figure. They are also that little bit warmer, which is an important consideration, at this time of the year.

Creating a fun look

If you are looking for something that is fun and a bit zany, head towards the shiny dresses. There are some great ones available. 

The metallic trend of last year continues, but, this year, you do not have to settle for silver. A lot of retailers are offering stylish shiny dresses in plum, sapphire, shimmery greens and beautiful blues that glow softly.

If you want something a little brighter go for a sequin dress. Every type is available. You can find everything from head to toe sequins, to dresses that are just trimmed with a few tiny shiny discs.

Creating a sophisticated look

Some of these dresses are available in classic cuts, especially the metallic ones. So, you could buy one that looks super sophisticated as well as fun. If you prefer something a little more muted a little black dress is probably the way to go. This year’s biggest trend is detailed LBDs so you will be spoilt for choice.

Use accessories to mix things up

Now, all you need to do is to buy the accessories you need. If you are likely to be invited to several festive parties and dinners you can potentially wear the same dress. All you need to do is to change your look using a range of different accessories.

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