Getting outdoors


Spring has really sprung hasn’t it?   It really makes a difference to be able to look up and see blue sky and fluffy clouds rather than grey skies and dark clouds.   Everybody’s mood lifts too and people seem to be much more cheerful as they dash about doing their daily thing.

And keen to be outside.  Last weekend the queue for our local garden centre was huge!  As was the row of cars waiting at the tip.    We managed to sneak the first grass cut of the year in and with that came the realisation that we have a million other things to do in the garden.  But to be honest, I can never really be bothered.  I know I should, but I would rather be grabbing my camera and getting out to the park or nearest National Trust property for a wander around.

I read some research this week that said that it appears that children these days are spending less time outside than prisoners.   How shocking is that?!

I am so glad that my three love being outside as much as I do and are not addicted to their screens to the extent where I have to drag them outside reluctantly.   They have outgrown riding bikes now but when George at Asda asked me if I wanted to get involved with their #WheelieCreative campaign I jumped at the chance.   We have some friends whose son is just getting to the age where he needs a bike so we decorated a little monster bike for him and turned it into a superhero bike for his birthday next week.

Bike decorating

We added a Nerf gun (who doesn’t want a Nerf Gun on their handlebars?!)  and some bubble blowers to it so he could leave a trail of bubbles behind him.   And for added pizazz we put some glow sticks on it.   We also added a rucksack to encourage him to use it for school (though at this stage it is full of Haribo 🙂 )

Glow In the Dark

What do you think?

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