Getting ready for summer

Summer Collage

With the weather looking like it might brighten up a bit over the coming weeks and Easter on the horizon, our thoughts have turned to sorting out the house, ready for summer.  Since this is easier, and cheaper, than getting my body ready for summer which is possibly what you thought this post was going to be about.

First of all we have sorted out the small spare bedroom which has been a bit of a dumping ground for laundry and all sorts of stuff we don’t quite know what to do with.    Now that photography is my favourite “thing” I wanted somewhere to have some props and where I can practice photographing things for my blog.   Mr B got onto eBay and bought me some amazing lights and a backdrop but I wanted to have them up permanently so that meant revamping the smallest bedroom (vacated by J the very second his big sister moved out of the bigger bedroom and left home.  She wasn’t even off the drive before he was in her room painting it white and black and getting rid of her lilac and purples).    Whilst still needing a place to do the ironing and sort out laundry.    And I hate mess so this room was getting on my nerves.   I am quite pleased with the results, what do you think?


Though the irony of it being a bad photo is not lost on me you know.

Next I have attacked the utility room.  Another one that is a dumping ground for all the stuff that is often in the kitchen but that we don’t quite know what to do with.  Coats, carrier bags, boxes of cat food, huge sacks of dog food.   So I resigned myself to doing a run to the tip with a load of rubbish and then stopped off on the way home and bought some stacking boxes.   Much better now I can get everything tidied away and the work top is no longer a graveyard for appliances not used on a daily basis.


I also decided to give the little corner of the hallway a bit of a makeover.  It’s another place for stuff to get dumped.   And the Buddha gets ignored.  And the phone that was there was broken so we replaced it with a retro orange phone to put a bit of colour into what is otherwise a dark and neglected corner.     I think it contrasts with my T-Birds sign quite well!

Trim phone

Finally after all that we collapsed in the garden and decided that the little computer table that I thought would make a nice potting table is in fact, rubbish.   Whilst I like the concept of a potting table, this is made of MDF and not water proof, and falling apart.    It is against the fence and the thing I stare at when I am looking out of the window from the sofa so it really does need sorting out.   Not that I will ever pot anything on it, but you know, I can pretend I am the next Charlie Dimmock.     We have though got a small barbecue as there are times when we want to cook just a couple of steaks or burgers and not fire up the huge gas barbecue my parents gave us last year when they moved house.   It is small enough to do its thing whilst we sit next to it and pretend it is a fire pit.


And after all that I think it might be time for a little sit down with a glass of Pimms.

Or two

Whatever you are up to over the upcoming Easter weekend, I do hope it is a good one

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