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I don’t know about you but my need to spring clean tends to kick in late November, early December.   Not so much in the spring but when I start thinking about the fact we will have people here for Christmas and, therefore, the house needs sorting out.    We aren’t hosting lots of extended family this year so I don’t need to worry about sorting out the spare bedroom and the little box room, thank goodness.   What I do need to do though is sort out the utility room.  Historically I would have just shoved the door shut on it but when we had the kitchen re-done we thought having a more open plan appearance would be better.   Which means there is no hiding the mess.

And mess there is.

I decided to attack it one afternoon and thought I would share my tips on how to make your kitchen or utility room look like you have spent DAYS on it.

  1.  Take everything off the work surfaces and give them a good clean (including the work surface).  If you haven’t used the appliance in a couple of months think about whether you actually still need it.  Put it in a cupboard for a few months and if you still haven’t used it, consider putting it on Gumtree.
  2. Take out the extractor filters from above the oven (if you have one) and shove them through the dishwasher.
  3. If you are anything like me and have loose garlic and shallots lying on the work surface, dig out a bamboo steamer and put them all in there.
  4. Before anybody arrives put two cap fulls of vanilla essence into a baking tray filled with water.  Put it in the oven and warm it for a couple of hours at 180 degrees.   The smell will make the house smell amazing.
  5. Look at getting extra storage if you can.   Pull-out pantries, baskets that stack etc.   Did you know that you can put magazine holders on their sides in the freezer to create extra shelves?

We put the last point into practice by having a rummage on the pib website to see if we could find something suitable.   We buy all our cat and dog food in bulk from the cash and carry so have boxes stacked in the utility room which always look a mess.   I was looking for a something industrial, something that didn’t look like it should have been in the lounge.  And they came up trumps:


This one is the 4-Section Storage Ontario and does the job brilliantly, don’t you think?   It arrived just a couple of days after ordering and was assembled and ready to go straight out of the box.

All those boxes and bottles of water are now off the floor and looking much more tidy.

Ready for 2019.   Well the kitchen is at least.

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