“Give as you live”

I read a blog post yesterday by the always gorgeous  GetLippie who had been introduced to a website called Give as you Live.

The idea is that you register on the website (which is free and very easy to do) and then you shop on line, via Give to Live, using hundreds of online retailers, and a small commission is paid by the retailer to a charity of your choosing.  This varies from 2 to 5% of your spending.

Yet it costs you nothing.   Nothing.

Every time you buy something you could be helping a charity that means something to you.   GetLippie chose Shelter, an amazing charity, for reasons that she has outlined in her blog.

I have chosen Victim Support.   A charity I have been involved with for about ten months now, and who I have blogged about previously.  A charity that help the victims of crimes, their families,  friends or anyone else affected, with practical or emotional support.  They also campaign tirelessly for these victims as a national voice for change.

As I do the majority of my shopping online I will now be doing it via  Give as you Live knowing that every time I do a small fee is going to help victims of crimes.

Could you do the same?

Think of the money that could be raised, effortlessly.

Now, I think that is a good excuse for a new handbag.   Well, it is in a good cause.



My Day 25 post for NaBloPoMo

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  • I use Justgiving which does similar. you can slipt your donation between more than one charity. I currently give to my childrens schools, its not much but it all helps.

  • Thanks so much for spreading the word – we need people like you to get inspired!! We would love to invite you to the next Give as you Live event and keep you posted – so feel free to get in touch. Happy shopping and giving!!