Giving Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh at Christmas — AD

The story of Christmas doesn’t get very far before it arrives at the giving of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the new born baby Jesus.   Odd gifts for a new born you might think, let alone for them to be presented by kings who had travelled some distance to deliver them.

Yet when you look into the meaning of them it all starts to make sense.   Gold was seen as representing Jesus’ “kingship” , the frankincense represented His priestly role and the myrrh the prefiguring of his death as it was most commonly used as an embalming fluid.    Together they represented the mostly valuable of gifts, and therefore maybe we should consider bringing them back into favour a bit more now?

I am not saying you should present your loved ones with these three gifts in their purest form, I doubt anybody would be terribly enthusiastic about receiving some embalming fluid but myrrh does have medicinal properties that could be appreciated by those suffering from arthritis for instance.

Gold is an easy one to gift, and really needs no introduction.  But where to start?  Jewellery might be a bit too obvious, and a bit pricey, but how about something like a uncirculated gold coin, or even a gold bar?    With the price tagged to the daily price of gold you could get a 1g gold bar from Golden Eagle Coins for just over $50.   Stamped with Fortuna the Greek Goddess  who brings luck to whoever own her, this would make a great Christmas present.   Who wouldn’t want to say they got a gold bar for Christmas?

Frankincense has always been known for it’s smell and for its calming properties so you can pick it up as an essential oil in most health food shops.  It can then be applied to the skin, dropped into a bath, or even burnt in a light bulb ring.   Great for de-stressing when the task of clearing up after Christmas gets under way!

Have you ever heard about myrrh face masks?  There are all sorts of cosmetics that can contain myrrh as it is wonderful for the skin.

Maybe even buy one of each and put them all into a little hamper to make a really special gift?

In fact I think I might start my own letter to Santa


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