Grown Ups Gift Guide 2023

Please note that some of the items in this gift guide have been sent for the purposes of inclusioin these gift guides. The majority have also now been donated to two local schools for their fund raising Christmas raffles

Foldable Scooter

The Commuter Foldable Scooter is fabulous and suitable for aged 8 and above but actually can be used by adults up to 100kgs. The Easy-Fold system means it can be folded easily making it perfect for the commute to the train station or college.

Badminton Set

It might not be the season to think about badminton but these sets make fabulous gifts and Badminton can still be played all year round. This set comes with all you need to set up your own court in the back garden and sells for £44

Silk gift accessories

We have long known that sleeping on a silk pillowcase is beneficial for skin, so if your recipient doesnt already have a couple then how about treating them this Christmas? Or to even a whole bed set of silk sheets and duvet covers? If that is slightly out of the budget you could try a silk eye mask. I have one of these and I absolutely love it, especially when we are away over night as I like my bedroom to be super dark and hotel rooms often aren’t. Prices start from around £30 and Belledorm have ALOT of items to choose from, all 100% mulberry silk.

Express VPN Router

Okay so you might not have ever considered this but they make a lot of sense as a Christmas gift with more and more people working from home and needing safe reliable internet connections.

Aircove is the first and only Wi-Fi 6 router that comes with a built-in VPN by default and a user interface tailored for those seeking to protect their whole family. Aircove was built and designed by the same security experts who delivered ExpressVPN’s award-winning VPN software. With Aircove, families can enjoy holistic home security easily, with VPN protection straight out of the box. Aircove lets users protect and encrypt every device in their home within minutes, including Smart TVs, gaming consoles and streaming devices. Available from £190 but if you order by the end of the month there is a 25% discount!

Something that gives back

I think it is always lovely to buy gifts from charity shops, or shops that support a worthy cause, and that is never more important than at this time of year. I was asked if I had heard of the Mouth and Foot Painting Artists who have produced a number of items. I am ashamed to say I havent but having now done some digging I am definitely going to be buying from them more regularly. All the items have been painted by the artists using either their mouths or their feet and their designs are stunning. This calendar features some stunning pictures and is for sale for £9.50.

Tile Mate

We have these on almost everything. They are small, super simple to set up and ensure that we no longer have that ten minute hunt for keys, wallets, phones or any other frequently misplaced item! You simply attach the Tile Mate and then use the app to find them. It couldn’t be more simple. Works via Bluetooth and has a range of 250ft. From £20


Who says that Skateboarding is only for kids? Not me. Though if you are looking for beginners skateboards or indeed kids skateboards then SkateHut have LOADS to choose from. I love this Rampage Skateboard as though it is in the kids section it is actual strong enough for an adult to use it and if you have a teen to buy for then skateboards are definitely what all the cool kids are doing these days. Currently down to £22.95

QuietOn ear buds

 QuietOn 3.1 significantly reduces low-frequency noises that interrupt sleep, like home appliances, traffic sounds, loud neighbours and snoring partners, to deliver peace and quiet regardless of one’s sleeping environment.  I have featured them before and find them incredibly beneficial when I need to just zone out after a particularly busy day. They fit entirely inside the ear, with zero protrusion ensuring comfort throughout the night – even for side sleepers — if you want to wear them overnight.

Between last-minute shopping and families visiting, the holidays are a stressful time for many and QuietOn 3.1 can help wearers prioritize a good night’s sleep. This Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sale is the perfect opportunity to save some money and give your loved ones the rest they need.

You can find out more about them here and right now there are some amazing Black Friday discounts offering up to $50 off.

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