Happy Badgers and the Samaritans

What?  I can hear you asking.

What the heck is she going on about now.

Badgers and the Samaritans?

There is a link.   Let me explain

If you know us you will know that today marks an anniversary.  But not a happy anniversary.  Not something we celebrate.  But something many of us remember in our own ways.   September 24th marks the anniversary of the day that Mr B’s brother took his own life.  Four years ago today.   Still indescribably painful.   Still raw.   Still almost too hard to believe.

Rog took his own life.   I have never really blogged about it as it is personal and out of respect for Mr B and his amazing parents there are just some things that need to stay private.   I think it is fair to say though that anybody who takes their own life is suffering from depression.

And depression is an utter bastard.   There are varying degrees of depression, as there are with any illness.  And depression is an illness.  Yet there is such a taboo about the subject.   People don’t like to talk about anything regarding mental illness.   It becomes a non subject in many cases.    Both for the person suffering from it as they feel they can’t talk about it, and for those around them.   They don’t know what to say, they feel saying the wrong thing will make it worse, or they are scared to ask so don’t.

“all right?”


How many conversations go like that?  When you know deep down your friend is not quite right, “down in the dumps”, “under the weather” maybe you even know they are depressed.   How do you talk to them?  How do they answer?  People suffering from depression don’t want to talk about it.  Don’t want to burden their friends and family.

I am not saying that was the case with Rog.  Far from it.

But for many people it is.  They feel they can’t talk to anybody.   Don’t want to for fear of it being on their record with human resources at work and affecting any future promotion prospects.   Don’t want to talk about it to their GP, as he is a family friend.   Their friends “who are sick of me moping about”.

They sink further and further into despair.  Shutting themselves away from social situations where people will ask them how they are doing.

And get to the point where the only way out they can see is a door marked “exit”.

It is at this point that  it would be great if they called the Samaritans.  Or if a friend texted them and said “Not saying you need this number, but if ever I am not around, maybe give the Samaritans a buzz?”

The Samaritans are there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  To listen.  To help talk things through.

08457 90 90 90

National suicide prevention day was earlier this month and on that very day I learnt that a Twitter follower’s relative had taken their life.   Hearing this news never gets any easier.   My heart breaks for another family hearing that news.   Wishing that person had called The Samaritans, maybe this wouldn’t have happened.   Maybe they would still be with us.  Maybe.  Just maybe.

So why badgers?

Well I got an email from “The Happy Badger” saying that if I wrote a blog post about a charity they would donate £50 to that charity.  Just like that.

What does the The Happy Badger have to say for himself?

I’m the Happy Badger, welcome to my little corner of the world!

We badgers have a bit of a reputation as grumpy critters, but I’ve chosen to devote myself to spreading happiness as far across the blogosphere as I can. Maybe you can help me?

I’m looking for bloggers who can help me spread the news about a charity they care about.

As an AO Happy Badger you can display my badge with pride, knowing that you’ve furthered the cause of universal happiness!

So there you have it.   A blog to spread some love from the Happy Badger to a very worthy charity.   And £50 donated in our name to remember Rog today.

If you have a friend you think is not their usual self, give them a call tonight and have a chat.  “Was just thinking about you, tell me what has been happening in your world recently”.

And if you are near a drinks cabinet later, will you join us in toasting Rog?   It would mean a lot to us to have him remembered.

And if you knew him, have two.


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  • Hugs and love to you and your family on a difficult day, T. Losing someone too soon is never easy, but I know from experience that losing someone too soon to suicide adds a whole other layer of emotion to work though. This post is a lovely and important way of honouring Rog during what I know will be a sad moment. Good for you, lovely, be kind to yourself today xx

  • Thinking of you and your family today, I’ll raise a glass to Rog this evening (fruit juice as I don’t drink). Depression is such a nasty disease and anything that the Samaritans can do to help gets my vote.

  • Thoughts are with you and the family today T. Sadly I too have gone throughthe tragedy of someone far too young with so much in front of them tsking their own life. It was some years ago 2008 in fact but I still think of him and wonder why he felt that was his only option. So I will indeed raise a glass to Rog and one to my Mark too xxxx

  • Thinking of you all T – and to your in-laws. Depression is an evil illness and I wish there was less taboo. And big respect to the Happy Badger too – may his generosity in Rog’s name be a moment of joy on what is such a difficult day xxx

  • There aren’t any words T, none I can add. But please know you, Mr B and your in laws are firmly in my thoughts today. Huge love xxx

  • Hello Mummy Barrow…my thoughts are with you and your family. Suicide never goes away for those who are left behind. I hope you raised a glass or two yesterday x