Harry Potter and the things we haven’t seen before

Harry Potter and the things we haven’t seen beforet seen before

We decided to have a day out last weekend so I could finally meet eldest daughter’s boyfriend’s mum, Rachael.  A lovely lady I have heard lots about but had yet to meet.   There was only one place for this meet up:  a pub for lunch.   Actually that isn’t strictly true.   The main focus of the day was  a trip to the Warner Bros studio for the Harry Potter tour.   But who can resist a cheeky pub lunch first?  We have been a few times before but Rachael hadn’t so it seemed like the ideal place to go.

It’s easy isn’t it to visit somewhere a few things and assume you have seen everything and then not really see things when you go again?  There are often themed events going on which are a great way to find out things that you might not have learned about before, or see props that have not been seen before.   When we went it was all about Bludgers and Broomsticks, we have had Christmas events, and WandWeek.   Now it is all about Harry Potter and the things we haven’t seen before

 Such as this:


I must have walked past this dressing table 20 times in the past and yet I have never really looked at it.  The fact there is a school photo of cute children propped up against the mirror.  And pizza boxes at the back.  They made me smile.

There is a central display of props in the centre of the sound stage that I realised I had always walked around before.  I had never really looked into it before.   So I got up close to it and poked my camera through the wires to capture the stacks of props inside




And how many times have I stood in awe at the Potions Classroom?  This is by far my favourite set.   I love it.   I have always loved huge glass medicine bottles and could quite cheerfully spend hours just staring and photographing this one.   This time however I made a point of zooming in on the detail.   That on the desks there were books.  Books that had to be made.   And that there were ring marks on the tables.   The attention to detail is astonishing.    Every book   Every test tube.  Every bottle with every label.  Created for the films.


But this made me actually retrace my steps and go back to Diagon Alley.   I have spent hours in this part because there is just so much to look at.   What I hadn’t noticed though was something that was pointed out to me by one of the tour guides when I got through to the next part and I was looking at the scale drawings.   We got chatting and I said I was writing a blog post on the things I might not have seen before.   She asked me if I had seen the Art Department’s little joke in Diagon Alley between the two Apothecaries.    Or as we call them now, chemists.    I hadn’t so went back to look


Spotted it?  What is the most popular name of chemists on our high streets these days?

Yep.  Boots.   So between the two chemists there is a boot.   For no other reason than to have a giggle.    I just love things like that.

And finding things out that you might not know.   See that football rattle in the picture at the top?  They are silent.   They make too much noise and affect the dialogue so were silenced for use in the film.   The sound was dubbed on in the post edit.

So even though this was my fifth visit I am still learning things about this magical films.   Seeing things I haven’t seen before.   And still having my breath taken away by scenes such as this


Honestly, if you haven’t been you really should.   And if you have been, go again.

Don’t forget, you MUST book on line, you cannot turn up on the day and buy tickets there.   All the info you need on how to book tickets and how much they are is here:  Ticket Information

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