#HDYGG — Buckingham Palace

How does your Garden Grow (#HDYGG) is from Buckingham Palace this week!  I know. Get me.  

Buckingham Palace

We could have been in any park on Wednesday afternoon.  The sun was shining.  People were strolling, arm in arm, or in small groups.  Some were stopping to admire the plants, others to take a picture with the impressive building behind us.   There were even some dogs having a run.   Closely pursued by a man in uniform who looked a bit frazzled:  “gosh, you have caught us unawares” he said.   The fitter dogs ran in the door of the building, the older one was scooped up and carried by uniformed man.

Those would be Her Majesty’s Corgis then.   Having a little run in the grounds of Buckingham Palace.   Right in front of us.

As regular readers will know, we were invited to one of the famous Buckingham Palace Garden Parties this week, a real treat to be allowed into this most private of private gardens.  And if you want some top tips about Buckingham Palace Garden parties because you have been invited too then click on that link too to read more!

Covering nearly 40 acres including a 3 acre lake, the north side occupies part of the original site of a mulberry garden laid out by James I in 1609.  In 1703 The Duke of Buckingham arranged for a more formal layout and in the 1820s George IV commissioned William Townsend Aiton, chief gardener at Kew, to remodel the gardens completely.   It was he who created the lake, and the broad stretches of lawn famous for its camomile.   he also built the mound and planted many of the London plane trees seen today.   King George VI and Queen Elizabeth cleared much of the dense Victorian shrubberies and planted a wide selection of decorative flowering trees and shrubs — notably the 170 meter long herbaceous border.    In 1961 the Queen added a curved avenue of Indian Chestnut running from the NW corner of the Palace.   There are more than 200 matrue trees in the garden.    In the centre of the Rose Garden stands the imposing Waterloo Vase, made from carrara marble and positioned in 1903.   Originally made for Napoleon, it was given by King Edward VII. 

Buckingham Palace Rose Garden Vase

I know the invite said no photography, but hey, how often is #HDYGG going to feature Buckingham Palace?  It felt like it was my duty to get photos of it and if I got arrested in the process, well that would make a second blog post.

Buckingham Palace Garden

Buckingham Palace Gardens

Beds in Buckingham Palace Gardens

It is photos like the two below that also remind you this is, after all, a family garden

Prince Charles Tree

Princess Anne Tree

And if you think taking photos in a place you have been explicitly told NOT to take photos is nerve wracking, you try doing it after walking over a piece of land that looks like it is expressly forbidden to walk.  But there is a sign with writing on it that clearly says more than “keep off the grass” so you HAVE to go and photograph it, right?

It also surprised me to see a rather large lake in the middle of one of the most expensive parts of London

Buckingham Palace Lake

And here, to finish it off, is a sneaky peek of one of the cakes we enjoyed.

BP Cake

it really was the most perfect of afternoons.  Even if it did drizzle for ten minutes, we just hid under a huge tree and made the most of the fact we were in the Queen’s actual garden.

Now if you will excuse, I need to go and hide in case I am about to get arrested.

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    • Well, exactly!!! I resisted full on selfies on the main lawn but a lot of people were discretely photographing the grounds. The sandwiches are to die for, and the cakes gorgeous. How can we not photograph and share on Instagram?!!! And go back for seconds. PS loos behind the tea tent, near the lake: poshest EVER.

  • Slap the handcuffs on her! 😀 Trust you to arrive early to a party before they’ve finished putting away the rabble 😉

    What a wonderful opportunity – and I’m secretly glad you took pictures. I’ll bring you cake when you’re inside…

  • Wow this looks utterly splendid! I love that you sneaked some photos as most of us won’t get a chance to go there. You looked lovely too!

  • Brilliant, I have this image of you trying to be discreet in taking photos…a quick check to make sure no ones looking.

    How can they expect you to visit and not take photos?

    • EXACTLY!!! I can’t go somwhere and not take pictures!! I even have one of the loos. But any suggestion I took loo rolls as a souvenir is one I shall strenuously deny.

  • Ooh you little rebel, you! Of course you had to take photos, although I’m rules-driven so am not sure I would have dared. What a wonderful occasion. x


    You monkey but then I expected no less…

    Looks like a lovely time was had – I LOVED your dress and I *may* have been stalking you on Instagram all day in the hope of some royal loo roll shots.

    One does approve of the garden. And the cake. And the dress. Oh ok then, and Bruce 😉

    Thanks for joining in!

    • Thanks Ma’am

      There will be another post with said shots of loo roll and cakes. I dont know if the Palace got wind of my exploits as the 3G went off for about three hours so I couldn’t do much Instagrammage.

  • Looks great and so peaceful – totally unexpected for the centre of London. Glad the cake was up to scratch too and hope you don’t end up spending time at Her Majesty’s pleasure, but if we do we’ll bring cake. And a file. 🙂 #hdygg

  • Oh I’m so so glad you were a rebel and took some photos. So much better seeing what the garden looks like than lots and lots of hats.

  • After scrolling down the first few shots I thought they had been taken by surreptitious means! I remember watching a programme about the Buckingham Palace gardens a couple of months ago and had how the railings go straight to the pavement outside. Now, off to the Tower you go!

  • Happy to hear that you were a rebel and took lots of snaps… I wouldn’t have expected anything less!

  • I’m very glad you rebelled and took some photos, and lovely ones they are too 🙂 So interesting to see the gardens x

  • Ha ha ha you do make me laugh, I hope you don’t get arrested because I really loved seeing this post x

  • lovely, sneaky, snaps I would’ve done the same, are there any pics of you with a hat on, looks like it may have been a requirement

  • Such a lovely place! The blooms there are so pretty too! Which I wouldnt have seen! Thanks for sharing =) #hdygg

  • I’m so glad you risked arrest to give us a sneak peek!!! Hey, at least you didn’t steal a Corgi! Only a few snaps. Well done on your invitation x

  • Wow … bows down in awe, you got to go to The Palace Gardens. I love the signs by the trees and the fact that Anne and Charles each got to plant the tree that grew from an acorn planted on the say they were born. Nice looking cake too 😉

  • I went with my Husband on 12 May and agree entirely with flaunting the no photo rules, south so that I was given my birthday present a month early, a new camera for just the occasion! Too good an opportunity to not take photos.